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The combat system is here, and the "Dyson Ball Project" large-scale update "Black Fog rise" will be launched on December 15th.

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Shulou( Report-- November 22 news, popular domestic sci-fi game "Dyson Ball Plan" is about to usher in the combat system, a large-scale update "Black Fog rise" will be launched on December 15.

Grapefruit Cat, the game production group of the Dyson Ball Project, said that the rise of Black Fog is only the first step in the combat system, and officials will continue to work hard to make the game better in the future.

According to reports, as players improve the progress of building Dyson ball, it will also accumulate the threat degree of black fog, when the threat degree reaches a certain degree, black fog will attack Icarus. Therefore, players must build fortifications to prevent dark fog from damaging the planet's production line.

The game production team also said that "the rise of Black Fog" focuses on defensive factories, developing and building defense at the same time. By 2024, players will fight in space, build space stations, deploy fleets to fight dangerous dark fog nests, and the ultimate weapons will emerge in the future. Note: "Dyson Ball Project" is a sci-fi theme sandboxie construction game that combines space, automated factory, adventure, exploration and other elements. In the future, when mankind steps into the ranks of advanced civilization, the power of science and technology has brought rapid development, and virtual reality iterates space and time. Human beings have created the supercomputer, the "master brain", in order to make use of its powerful computing power to further expand the use of the virtual world.

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