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Steam / An area is priced in US dollars, and the price of games soars.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Fat Cat, for the clue delivery! As promised, Steam has adjusted pricing for Argentina and Turkey so that game prices for these two countries will be displayed in US dollars instead of Turkish lira and Argentine pesos. Steam's goal is to keep game developers from having to adjust their prices to keep up with huge fluctuations in Turkish and Argentine currencies. They are able to set a price in dollars that suits the local area and no longer have to worry about it.

But pricing seems to be a problem, and Steam users in Turkey and Argentina are currently angry about the new prices, as some games have increased dramatically. Many users can be seen online complaining about the new price, even saying that "Steam ends in Turkey and Argentina" and that they want to return to piracy.

A quick glance at SteamDB's price history reveals some games that have seen amazing price increases. Far Cry 5's price rose about 240 percent, from $14.12 to $48. Stardew Valley is even more exaggerated. The price in Argentina has increased by 2900%. The previous price was about half a dollar, but now it is exactly the same as the price in the United States.

Of course, not every game has seen such a huge price increase, but almost all games have become more expensive to some extent. Among the year's hottest games, Baldur's Gate 3 rose 24% from $28.25 to $35; Starry Sky rose the same amount, from $33.91 to $42; and Call of Duty rose from $56.52 to $70. notes that Diablo IV appears to be the only major game that actually saw its price drop, from $79.13 to $70, a drop of 11%.

It is unclear whether the above prices are temporary prices, the new prices are beyond the spending power of most Argentine and Turkish consumers, and this problem seems to be difficult to solve, because if the prices are too low, players in other regions will transfer to the zone through some technical means, resulting in a decline in developer revenue.

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