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Hisense TV, together with CCTV's "one Cuisine for a thousand years", looks at the flavor of mountains and seas, thousands of cities and thousands of flavors.

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Take food as the guide, culture as the classics, and history as the pulse. The food culture exploration variety show "A Cuisine for a thousand years" created by the Central Radio and Television Station has set off a new variety fashion of "food + culture". However, if you want to immerse yourself in the "fresh" delicious food in ancient books and appreciate the unique flavor of various places, you can't do without a good TV with good picture quality. As China's first high-end TV based on users' real use scenarios, Hisense TV U8 jointly launched a new experience of beauty tasting with "a meal of the millennium".

178 °large viewing angle obsidian screen with the same "eye" color at different angles

Traditional delicacies pay attention to the beauty of color, taste, shape and meaning, and gourmet programs such as "A Cuisine for a thousand years" show the stunning restoration of all kinds of delicacies incisively and vividly. However, most televisions often lead to problems such as the whiteness of reflective pictures on the screen due to different viewing positions, thus slightly tarnishing the originally attractive food pictures.

As China's first high-end TV based on users' real usage scenarios, Hisense TV U8H is equipped with the industry's first ultra-low anti-large viewing angle negative LCD panel-obsidian screen Pro, which not only greatly reduces the problem of stray backlight during side viewing, but also brings a large viewing angle of 178 °and a screen reflectivity much lower than the industry's average of 5%. Whether looking squarely or sideways, you can get excellent color, contrast and clarity from different angles, and enjoy the "eye" color wherever you can.

2000nits + stable peak brightness exquisite cuisine is just around the corner

For the large audience of "a meal for a thousand years", the degree of eating is often closely related to the splendor of the picture. What kind of picture quality is more attractive? Let Hisense TV U8 tell you!

In order to bring you a more realistic light experience and show excellent detail performance, Hisense TV U8H has the industry-leading 1% small window 2000nits + stable peak brightness. Compared with the traditional LCD panel, Hisense U8H has a higher degree of color reduction, can present more rich dark field picture details, and ensures that the highlight screen will not be overexposed. It is far beyond the HDR standard XDR PRO image quality performance, so that enthusiasts can indulge in food taste.

16bits sense-controlled ambient light experience a more amazing visual feast

The stunning performance of Hisense TV U8 in the "A Cuisine of the Millennium" program was also praised by the guests. Whether it is the industry's highest level 6000 MiniLED partition and XDR 2000nits stable peak brightness and other powerful performance, can achieve efficient control of light, so that every detail shows the ultimate light and shadow effect. The beauty of food is clearly presented, and they are amazed by the comfortable visual enjoyment of light and shadow.

At the same time, thanks to the strong support of ULED X perceptual image quality technology platform, through the upgrading of photosensitive system and algorithm innovation, the industry's first 16bits environmental light control is upgraded to 16bits sensitive ambient light, and combined with AI audio and picture adaptive adjustment technology, the image quality is adjusted according to different viewing position, light shade and color temperature, and enjoy the perceived picture quality of real application scenes anytime and anywhere.


Look at the charm of the mountains and the sea, taste the taste of thousands of cities, let's follow the second season of "one Cuisine for a thousand years" together with Hisense TV U8, take orders from different cities and explore "delicacies in ancient books". In this journey of food taste and taste, Hisense TV U8 will be an immersive and unique visual feast with the full blessing of the ULED X perceptual picture quality technology platform.

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