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Zhihui Yunzhou makes a wonderful appearance at the WMDC2023 meta-universe developer conference

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Shulou( Report--

On November 22, under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission and Shanghai Huangpu District people's Government, the first WMDC2023 Metasmos developers Conference, jointly sponsored by Huangpu District Science and Technology Committee, Huangpu Science and Technology Group and Taibo Network, opened in Shanghai Science Hall. Zhihui Yunzhou attended the meeting with video twin technology and products, and displayed many core products and practical achievements of "video twin enabling symbiosis of meta-universe" in the exhibition area. During the conference, Zhihui Yunzhou was awarded the title of "2023 yuan cosmic city innovation enterprise TOP30", demonstrating the company's strength in promoting metacosmos technological innovation and landing application.

Photo: Zhou Zhou, founder and president of Zhihui Yunzhou, gave a speech on stage.

Be invited to attend the main forum of the conference

During the main forum of the conference, Zhou Zhou, founder and president of Zhihui Yunzhou, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Video Twin, enabling the symbiosis of virtual and real meta-universe". Zhou Zhou said that digital twinning is the cornerstone of the integration of the digital world and the real world and moving towards the meta-universe. Only by creating a real-time digital twin and the base of the meta-universe can we truly endow the construction and application of the symbiosis of the virtual and real meta-universe.

Relying on the self-developed "Twin" three-dimensional geographic information engine (3DGIS), Zhihui Yunzhou integrates many technologies, such as three-dimensional model (Model), video surveillance (Video), artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IOT), to form a video twin platform with the integration of spatio-temporal analysis, prediction, management and control, which can create real-time and dynamic symbiotic applications for digital twins and meta-universe. To meet the needs of digital upgrading applications of thousands of industries in the digital economy.

At present, Zhihui Yunzhou serves customers in more than 20 industry scenarios, such as smart cities, digital villages, wisdom parks, industrial production, transportation, water conservancy, power, energy mines, military, emergency, hospitals, schools, venues and so on. There are more than 1000 partners.

The response from the on-site booth was enthusiastic.

At the exhibition site, Zhihui Yunzhou comprehensively demonstrated the three major product systems and practical achievements of video twin scene integrated machine, video twin capability platform and video twin industry solutions based on video twin engine capability encapsulation. The vivid and vivid display content deeply attracted a large number of visitors and was highly recognized by the attendees.

Photo: guests attending the Zhihui Yunzhou booth

The case of electric power and energy won the grand prize

During the conference, the list of "2023 yuan cosmic urban innovative enterprises TOP30" was officially released. Zhihui Yunzhou reported the "video twin enabling nuclear power" sea, land and air "integrated intelligent management" case after layers of selection, successfully on the list.

Photo: Zhihui Yunzhou won TOP30, an innovative enterprise in Meta Universe City.

Through the research and development of video twin intelligent leveling of sea, land and air, the business information of security thematic data is deeply integrated, a picture of land, sea and air security prevention and control situation of the base is formed, and a three-dimensional security prevention and control system is constructed. realize the intelligent application of perception and early warning, such as video surveillance, vehicle management, low-altitude airspace security, UAV patrol and so on. The video twin platform based on real-time scene presents the real-time twins of vehicles, and realizes the visual tracking and management of vehicle driving situation, vehicle information and real scene in the virtual-real meta-space, which fully meets the business application needs of customers for real-time situation control and efficient command management.

In the future, Zhihui Yunzhou will join hands with more industry partners to give full play to the advantages of video twin technology, accelerate the development of richer and practical scenarios in promoting meta-universe industry construction and innovative applications, and promote the innovation and development of meta-universe industry.

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