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Byte Jump introduces the results of using AI to optimize the Linux kernel: 30% reduction in memory usage and 12% reduction in network latency

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Shulou( Report--, November 23, according to foreign media zdnet, byte Jump recently introduced on Linux Plumbers Conference the results of optimizing the Linux kernel by using AI, claiming that "significant improvements" can be made, thus "liberating human engineers."

Byte Jump claims that in the large data centers the company uses, it is "almost impossible" to manually adjust the Linux kernel for "hundreds" of different workloads to achieve different optimizations, so the company decided to use AI to optimize the Linux kernel.

▲ source foreign media zdnet byte beat claims that they can "beat most Linux kernel engineers" by using machine learning algorithms such as Bayesian optimization and using AI to reduce Linux kernel memory usage by 30% and HTTP network latency on NGINX servers by 12%.

According to byte runout, AI-based Linux kernel optimization can help balance CPU usage, use caching more effectively, and even detect vulnerabilities in the kernel.

However, notes that the byte beat related team also claims that machine learning and AI are not yet omnipotent, and that it is expected to take some time to "replace Linux kernel engineers."

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