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OPPO Pad Air 2 release: 7:5 2.4K screen, known as "the first choice for teenagers to protect their eyes", starting at 1299 yuan

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769 for the clue delivery!, November 23 news, at the ongoing OPPO conference, OPPO launched the OPPO Pad Air 2 tablet, known as "the first choice for teenagers to protect their eyes," with a starting price of 1299 yuan, and an e-commerce platform starting at 1199 yuan:

1299 yuan for 6GB+128GB

1499 yuan for 8GB+128GB

1699 yuan for 8GB+256GB

According to officials, the tablet has a flagship eye protection experience, claims to filter 60 per cent harmful blue light, has a 2.4K resolution and 7:5 imitation ratio, has earned RWE global eye protection certification and rhythm-friendly certification, and can automatically adjust the tablet color temperature all the time.

The official focus on the learning assistance function of OPPO Pad Air 2, the tablet added "learning space independent password", can be accessed through the lock screen, unlock can directly access the learning space interface, independent of the daily interface does not interfere with each other, claiming to create a more focused learning space for children.

In addition, parents can check the use of their children's tablet at any time on WeChat Mini Programs, and remotely manage the permissions of the tablet to support the "parent account" function.

In terms of teaching auxiliary functions, OPPO Pad Air 2 is said to have more than 200 selected learning App, covering nine-year education content, as well as electronic text, point reading, AI knowledge and other functions, claiming to be able to quickly check and fill gaps in learning content and improve learning efficiency.

Officials say the OPPO Pad Air 2 boasts "fastest charging speed", "maximum battery capacity", "highest screen resolution", "loudspeaker" and 256 GB storage space in the gear, which claims to satisfy the experience of children and families. also noted that officials also introduced the file function of OPPO Pad Air 2, which supports network sharing "device flow" and claims to make the tablet a "cellular version" in seconds, and is equipped with a "open file at will" function, so that the tablet can no longer be restricted by the file format. OPPO Pad Air2 tablet computer 1199 yuan direct link

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