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New version of Taoxinyun mobile phone landing privacy protection to be your data security housekeeper

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Since its launch, Taoxinyun mobile phone has been adhering to the principle of customer first, and is committed to providing more secure and high-quality cloud mobile phone services for the majority of users. Taoxinyun is based on ARM cloud server to realize the operation of virtual mobile phone system, so that you can put games and applications on your cloud phone and run online 24 hours a day.

As the "ceiling of performance-to-price ratio of cloud mobile phones within 100 yuan", Taoxinyun mobile phones not only bring ultra-high cloud mobile phone performance, but also continue to improve the user experience, making the user's cloud experience more comparable to the real phone. This time, the update of the version of Taoxinyun aims to further strengthen the privacy protection of users and provide a more real experience.

Privacy security is upgraded again, and cloud mobile phones change into calculators in seconds.

In order for users to further improve the privacy and security of cloud mobile phones, the new version of Taoxinyun mobile phone adds an application camouflage feature to change the cloud phone icon into a "calculator" in a second, which not only retains the normal use function of the calculator. it also avoids the opportunity for the phone to be flipped through and random spots from the source, so as to prevent important information and materials from being "inadvertently" seen.

Users can camouflage the application by setting a password in the new version of the Taoxinyun phone. Only after entering the correct password will the camouflaged application appear the main interface of the Taoxinyun mobile phone, which can effectively prevent the risk of mobile phone privacy being seen.

The message is blocked, and the cloud machine notifies the real-time push.

Taoxinyun mobile phone has noticed that some users will install some social App products, such as Wechat, nails, Feishu and so on, when using cloud phones. Social tools will have messages and notifications, but in the early days, cloud phones often run independently, and notification push needs to be entered into the cloud phone to be seen. If you miss the important news, it may cause irreparable losses.

Taoxinyun's upgrade completely opens the block of message notification, and the point-to-point notification transmission protocol not only ensures the security of notification data, but also allows users to receive messages from cloud phones directly on the local computer. As long as you check the message synchronization feature and the corresponding App in the Taoxinyun phone, you can push the notification of the application to your phone in time, and you will no longer miss the important news in the cloud phone.

Cloud machine application locking and anti-cleaning

Although Maxinyun provides cloud phones with more powerful devices, such as the T50 with 16 gigabytes of memory, the T30 also has 8 gigabytes of memory. However, some users still habitually clean up the memory when using cloud phones, and some scripts will also help to free up more memory space. In this process, the application background will be "killed" by the system.

Some App may result in data loss and difficult to recover without backup. To meet this requirement, Taoxinyun mobile phone has also added the application lock function in the new version, which can effectively prevent the application background from being cleaned with one click, and provide a more stable use environment.

Cloud Desktop Preview and Lock

The security and privacy protection of the desktop content of cloud mobile devices is also the focus of Taoxinyun mobile phones. In this update, a desktop preview switch is added to preview the content of the screen in the cloud phone without entering the cloud phone when turned on, while only the default wallpaper of the system is displayed when it is turned off. Users can choose whether to enable it or not according to their own needs to ensure the security of the screen content in the cloud phone.

For T30 and T50 users, Taoxinyun provides screen locking, just like the lock screen for everyday mobile phones. In the locked state, you need to unlock the password to enter the desktop of the cloud phone, otherwise you cannot perform other operations or see the content in the cloud phone. Completely put an end to cloud mobile phone number theft, embezzlement and content privacy disclosure.

Taoxinyun mobile phone always provides users with high-performance and high-security virtual cloud mobile phone service. At present, the T50 version of cloud mobile phone in short supply is far ahead of its peers in terms of performance. 8-core CPU, 16GB memory, 128g storage, and 2K60 frame quality, coupled with a price of less than 100 yuan, can be called the best choice of performance-to-price ratio in the cloud phone market.

Generally speaking, the goal of Taoxinyun mobile phone is to create a first-class virtual cloud mobile phone service and experience comparable to the real phone through continuous innovation and optimization. Looking forward to the update of the new version, users will be able to use the mobile phone more easily, happily and conveniently, and feel the improved quality and service of Maxinyun.

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