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"next Generation Cloud" White Paper released: PaaS becomes the core growth driver, and Tencent Cloud has the second market share

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"Market demand is further moving towards the PaaS and SaaS layers, making it the main driver of the growth of the public cloud services market." On November 22, IDC, the world's leading IT research and consulting company, jointly released the white paper "next Generation Cloud"-"focusing on platform capabilities to support Intelligent Business Development". It was pointed out that the compound growth rate of China's public cloud market will reach 26.9% in the five years from 2022 to 2027, of which PaaS (platform as a Service) has the fastest growth rate of 30.5%. SaaS (Software as a Service) is not far behind with 28.7%. When the infrastructure of cloud computing is completed, China's public cloud market is extending from resource-driven to technology-and business-driven.

At the same time, the rapid development of generative AI and large models is also accelerating the promotion of PaaS to become the core competence of the next generation intelligent cloud-as the middle layer of the connecting link, the PaaS layer should not only bear the pressure brought by the rapid and large-scale expansion of the IaaS layer, but also bear the platform ability precipitated by the software functions of the SaaS layer. PaaS layer will become a key link to help enterprises to build and apply AI in an all-round way.

According to the "China Public Cloud Market share report, 2023H1" released by IDC, Tencent Cloud ranks second in China in PaaS market share, and Tencent Cloud continues to take the lead in IaaS field. Over the past two decades, Tencent has continued to increase investment in technology research and development, while accumulating underlying technologies for dealing with massive data and innovative capabilities to serve rich scenarios. On this basis, Tencent Cloud has built a PaaS product innovation system based on database, audio and video, security, big data, AI and other technical capabilities.

▲ PaaS becomes the core growth power source of next-generation intelligent cloud: IDC,2023 artificial intelligence accelerates PaaS to become the core growth power of next-generation cloud

With the development of artificial intelligence models, various industries using artificial intelligence to deal with big data in the cloud is gradually becoming a reality. In this process, IDC research found that the changes in enterprise users' demand for cloud are mainly reflected in the following three aspects: the ability to apply AI in the cloud, the tools to obtain AI blessing in the cloud, and the realization of intelligent-driven application innovation in the cloud.

IDC analysis believes that the next generation cloud will be an "intelligent cloud" that adapts to the intelligent development of enterprises on demand, cloud is the soil for the landing and development of AI, and AI will also promote the development of cloud platform. At the technical level, enterprises need to use intelligent architecture and systems to accelerate the landing of intelligent facilities applications; at the business level, enterprises need to make use of the resource management capabilities of cloud platforms to improve the automation level of workflow and achieve intelligent operation; at the ecological level, enterprises need to rely on intelligent tools on the next generation of cloud to improve product development efficiency and industry collaboration capabilities to achieve intelligent innovation.

As the middle layer of the cloud platform, the market demand and function of the PaaS layer will continue to enhance with the development of the next generation cloud. On the one hand, the tools and products of the PaaS layer can help enterprises better schedule and manage the basic resources of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) layer; on the other hand, the application of the SaaS layer will gradually sink into a part of the PaaS platform, providing more convenient services for enterprise users.

The trend became more pronounced in the first half of 2023-PaaS grew twice as fast as IaaS. In the first half of 2023, the overall market size of China's public cloud services (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) was US $19.01 billion, of which the IaaS market was US $11.29 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of US $3.29 billion and a year-on-year growth rate of 26.3%.

In fact, it is an industry consensus that PaaS and SaaS become the core growth drivers of the next generation of cloud. According to the cloud computing white paper 2023 of the China Academy of Information and Communications, the PaaS sector of China's cloud computing market grew by 74.49% in 2022, with total revenue reaching 34.2 billion yuan, while SaaS revenue reached 47.2 billion yuan in 2022, a growth rate of 27.57%. China Academy of Information and Communications believes that enterprise users are no longer satisfied with the use of IaaS to complete the cloud of resources, but expect the comprehensive cloud of enterprise management and business systems to seize new opportunities for development. At the same time, under the influence of AI model, PaaS and SaaS will become the main battlefield of cloud computing growth in the next few years.

Tencent Cloud PaaS has the second market share and has built an innovative product system.

In fact, as early as the third quarter of 2020, Tencent specifically mentioned the change in market demand for cloud computing services. "Financial, healthcare and Internet service customers have a growing demand for PaaS solutions." After that, Tencent Cloud adjusts its strategy to focus on self-research technology and products, and focuses resources on R & D investment and scenario innovation in the field of PaaS, while consolidating the advantages of SaaS products in communications, collaboration and other areas.

As a result, Tencent continues to increase its R & D investment for next-generation cloud technology innovation, with a cumulative R & D investment of more than 253.22 billion yuan since 2018. By the end of September 2023, Tencent had disclosed more than 69000 patent applications and granted more than 35000 patents in major countries and regions in the world, ranking first among Chinese Internet companies in the key technologies of PaaS layer, such as artificial intelligence, cloud native, blockchain, security and so on.

Thanks to this, Tencent Cloud has created a complete and easy-to-use PaaS innovative product system based on database, audio and video, security, big data, AI and other technical capabilities, which is highly recognized by more than 1 million developers, and PaaS ranks second in market share. Among them, Tencent Cloud audio and video solution won the "sixth consecutive crown" since IDC released data in 2018: it ranked first in market share for six times in a row. Through the full launch of Tencent Group's self-developed business, Tencent Cloud launched the largest cloud native practice in the industry and launched a new product form, "TKE Serverless", which makes it easier for enterprise users to achieve a smooth transition to Serverless containers.

Taking the database as an example, Tencent Cloud Vector Database has served more than 40 internal businesses of Tencent, with 1600 billion daily requests, and served more than 1000 external customers, including Bosch, Sale Yi, Sohu, good Future, Lianjia and so on. As one of the best practices in the white paper, Micromedia Digital Conference, an enterprise interactive marketing service, often needs to create high-quality digital anchors in a short time in the process of producing core IP short videos for corporate marketing and live streaming events. With the help of Tencent Cloud vector database, this enterprise user has greatly reduced the time it takes to access the big model, and can train digital avatars who can highly restore their image and voice based on 5-10 minutes of video and more than 20 minutes of audio.

For the field of artificial intelligence, relying on the Tencent Cloud TI platform, Tencent Cloud has built a selected store for industry models, providing MaaS one-stop service to help customers build their own large models and intelligent applications, and is also based on self-developed Tencent mixed meta-models. At the same time, it supports more than 20 mainstream open source models in the industry, helps customers build exclusive large models and intelligent applications, accelerates the landing of the model industry, and promotes the "efficiency revolution". In addition, more than 180 internal Tencent businesses have been connected to Tencent Mianyuan for testing, and preliminary results have been achieved, including Tencent Conference, Tencent documents, WeCom, Tencent Ads, WeChat Pay and Wechat.

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