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Leica ZM 11 watches go on sale, starting at 55880 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, Leica ZM 11 wrist performance has been sold in, titanium alloy limited edition 55880 yuan, titanium alloy gilded brown version 55880 yuan, stainless steel night fog blue version 58500 yuan. finishes the Leica ZM 11 with the following specifications:

According to officials, three unique watches, namely, ZM 11 titanium limited edition, ZM 11 titanium gilded brown edition and ZM 11 stainless steel night fog blue edition, feature a special double-layer dial design that can show subtle color gradients according to different viewing angles. The Swiss-made self-winding movement can run at a frequency of 28800 vibrations per hour, with an accuracy of-4 seconds per day, 60-hour power storage and 35 gems. The 41mm case is made of titanium alloy or stainless steel; the original convenient strap replacement structure is inspired by the lens loading and unloading button, and a variety of straps are available to suit all kinds of occasions. Leica (Leica) ZM11 goes on sale on November 23rd with limited edition of ZM11 titanium alloy 55880 yuan direct link

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