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Xiaomi Home App 9.0 iOS / Android official launch: Pad can be transformed into Intelligent Home Central Control

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Chen Bufan for his clue delivery! news on December 6, according to netizens' feedback, Xiaomi App 9.0 iOS / Android version is now online, iOS version 9.0.200, Android version 9.0.605.

Update log:

Pad can be transformed into intelligent home central control, immersive device control ability

A new revision of the smart page to enhance the overall experience of users in opening and managing templates

Apple Watch Mijiahuanxin, quick control of your scene and device on the wrist (customized in my-multiterminal management)

Support to create automation through Xiao Ai, and you can view the creation results in my intelligence.

Lights, air conditioners, curtains, floor sweepers and air purifiers support the setting of large cards.

Equipment status and environment information at a glance

Offline devices support aggregation management

On November 16 this year, Xiaomi released a trial version of App 9.0 for iOS and Android. The updated content is basically the same as the official version of this release, and many users have tasted it.

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