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Zhao Ming: glory will be listed in China, and the specific plan will be decided by shareholders and the board of directors.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 23, according to Sina Technology, after tonight's Glory new product launch, Glory CEO Zhao Ming explained the content of the previous announcement issued by the Glory Board in an interview with the media.

He said that there were many backdoor rumors in the market, which brought a lot of influence and too much hype, and Glory issued an announcement at this time for fear that more investors would be deceived.

As for Wu Hui as chairman of Glory, Zhao Ming explained that if Glory wants to go to the capital market, it is necessary to improve the board of directors in accordance with the requirements of the capital market. He added: "We come from a business background and need the diversity of the board of directors and more diversified professionals to make decisions more accurate and scientific."

As for the specific listing plan, Zhao Ming said that Glory will be listed in China, and the specific listing plan will be decided by shareholders and the board of directors. As a CEO, he is mainly to do a good job. previously quoted interface news reports, a few days ago an honor internal document shows that in order to achieve the next stage of strategic development, the company will continue to optimize the ownership structure, attract diversified capital to enter, and promote the company to enter the capital market through initial public offering.

Glory said that with the gradual implementation of the company's plan to move towards the open market, the company's board of directors will be adjusted according to the standards of listed companies, and its members will be gradually diversified to meet the governance and regulatory needs of the company in the new stage of development. In accordance with the Company Law and the articles of Association and other relevant provisions, elected by the shareholders' meeting and elected by the board of directors, Mr. Wu Hui will be the director and chairman of the company, and Mr. Wan Biao will be the vice chairman.

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Glory: will promote the company to enter the capital market through initial public offering, and Wu Hui will serve as director and chairman of the company.

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