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The high-speed power exchange network of the urban agglomeration on the west coast of the Ulai Strait has been opened: the layout of 17 high-speed power stations, connecting 9 prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province.

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Shulou( Report--, November 24, Lai announced that the high-speed power transfer network of the urban agglomeration on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait has been officially opened, with a total of 17 high-speed power stations connecting 9 prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province, including G3 Jingtai, G15 Shenhai and G25 Changshen Expressway.

As of November 23, Weilai has built a total of 2127 power stations across the country, including 660 high-speed power stations. The high-speed power conversion network layout of 7 vertical and 4 horizontal 10 major urban agglomerations has been completed: G1 Beijing-Harbin, G2 Beijing-Shanghai, G3 Beijing-Taiwan, G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao, G5 Beijing-Kunming, G15 Shenhai, G30 Lianhuosu-Shaanxi Section, G42 Shanghai-Rong, G45 Guangzhou-Beijing-Guangzhou Section, G50 Shanghai-Chongqing, G60 Shanghai-Kunshu-Hunan Section and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Great Bay area of Yangtze River Delta, Chengdu-Chongqing, Middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Shandong Peninsula, Guanzhong, Central Plains, Jinzhong, West Coast of the Straits.

Weilai will complete the high-speed power conversion network of 9 vertical, 9 horizontal and 19 major urban agglomerations in 2025. previously reported that there were more than 20, 000 charging piles in Weilai, covering 306 cities. At the same time, Changan Automobile and Xilai Motor have reached a cooperation agreement on power exchange business, and the two sides will jointly develop interchangeable models, the first of which is scheduled to be launched in 2025.

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