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Perfect World won seven awards of "Goldfinger" and continued to explore the application of AI technology.

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On November 22, the 2023 (19th) China Game Industry Annual Conference and China Game Industry "Golden Finger" Award Ceremony sponsored by China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association was successfully held in Chengdu. In the "Golden Finger" awards ceremony, with its outstanding performance over the past year, Perfect World won seven "Golden Finger" awards again, showing steady comprehensive strength.

Among them, Lu Xiaoyin, co-CEO and president of Perfect World and CEO of Perfect World Games, won the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur in China Game Industry in 2023." Perfect World won "Excellent Enterprise in China Game Industry in 2023" and "Advanced Unit of Game R & D in China Game Industry in 2023."

Perfect World's many boutique game products also won awards on the same stage. Among them, the self-developed mobile game Tower of Fantasy won the title of "Best mobile games in China's game industry in 2023"; the self-developed mobile game "Dream New Immortal" won "Excellent mobile games in China's game industry in 2023";"Tianlong Eight Parts 2: Flying Dragon Battle Sky" developed by equity enterprises and distributed by Perfect World Agency won "Excellent mobile games in China's game industry in 2023"; Perfect World Agent's e-sports masterpiece "Knife Tower" won "Excellent Online Game in China Game Industry in 2023."

Since the beginning of this year, Perfect World has continued to focus on innovation, transformation and upgrading in the game business, steadily promoting the production, testing and launch of reserve products. At the same time, actively explore more application scenarios of AI technology in game development, distribution and operation.

With the development of cutting-edge technology, the gaming industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. According to China Game Industry Report, in the first half of 2023, the actual sales revenue of China's game market was 144.263 billion yuan, and the number of Chinese game users reached 668 million, reaching an all-time high. Among them, technology applications such as AI and VR have played a significant role in reshaping the way games are developed, enhancing the gaming experience and expanding gameplay.

In the keynote speech of the conference, Edie, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of Perfect World Group, delivered a speech, sharing Perfect World's thoughts and prospects on new technologies, new ideas and new ecology in the game industry. He said that artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital twins and other technologies are important driving forces for industrial development, and the supply of game content and the liberation of creativity are realizing qualitative leap through AI technology.

It is understood that after years of R & D accumulation in the application of AI technology, Perfect World has applied AI technology to many links of R & D pipeline, including intelligent NPC, intelligent game assistant, scene modeling, AI painting, AI plot, AI dubbing, etc., and developed new game development tools such as plot generation and big world generation for different types of game projects, assisting R & D team to build a new game development pipeline relying on AI technology.

In the future, Perfect World will continue to actively explore more application scenarios of AI technology in game R & D, distribution and operation, so as to further improve R & D efficiency, optimize player experience and achieve healthy development of game business. In addition, Perfect World will continue to explore cross-border empowerment, promote deep integration with the digital economy, build a new ecosystem, and jointly promote the game industry to exert more positive value to society.

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