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Orebo released MixStation intelligent hot water central air conditioner in the house, and the first order for new products exceeded 123 million.

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On November 22, the little smart home giant Orebo ORVIBO unveiled MixStation intelligent hot water central air conditioning in its 2023 strategy conference, which realizes the integration of central air conditioning, water heater and heating while meeting users' needs for cooling, heating and "live heat". MixStation is not only equipped with Orebo intelligent central control screen MixPadAir and intelligent system HomeAI 5.0 to achieve a better screen UI and large model intelligent voice interaction experience, but also developed by ourselves HeatCycle ™efficient heat pump recovery and storage technology, which creatively recycles the heat discharged from air conditioning refrigeration and is used to make domestic hot water, greatly improving energy efficiency, and the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is as high as 5.6, far exceeding the national standard I energy consumption standard. With the support of large model AI and new energy technology, MixStation has made great breakthroughs in active intelligence, energy saving and efficiency.

According to statistics, global carbon dioxide emissions have reached an astonishing 33.1 billion tons in 2019 and about 10.3 billion tons in China. Building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the global energy consumption, which is the largest source of pollution. If people comprehensively use cleaner energy instead of fossil energy for heating, it will reduce China's carbon emissions by 550 million tons a year and reduce fossil fuel costs worth more than 800 billion yuan. Liu Ke, a famous energy scientist and foreign academician of the Australian National Academy of Engineering, said at the press conference: since the invention of air conditioning more than 100 years ago, there has been no revolutionary breakthrough in the air conditioning industry; MixStation has not only achieved carbon reduction and energy saving, but also improved the comfort of people's intelligent life in living space, which is a very good innovation in the air conditioning industry.

MixStation intelligent hot water central air conditioning in the whole house can adapt to ordinary bungalows with three bedrooms and two living rooms, allowing "luxury goods" such as heat pumps and water system air conditioners to enter the homes of ordinary people. It officially went on sale at the new product launch on November 22, with an initial price of 59999 yuan. The order on the first night of MixStation exceeded 123 million yuan, setting a record of 100 million new product launches in the intelligent history of the whole house.

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