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Tamping mathematical intelligence to produce internal skills, how to increase the speed of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance with "number"?

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With the advent of the digital age, the innovation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry anchors intelligent manufacturing. As a big manufacturing country, it is of unique strategic significance to realize the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to digitalization and intelligence in promoting the construction of new industrialization. From the "14th five-year Plan" to "made in China 2025" and then to "Digital China Construction overall layout Plan", with the guidance and support of a series of policies, digital intelligence manufacturing has become a necessary path to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

The general direction has been determined, how to take the specific road? Xiao Bear has achieved certain results through active practice: from 800 square meters of plant to a total of about 580000 tons of mathematical intelligence manufacturing base; from individual items to 60 categories of 500 kilogrammes SKU; from "subdivision leader" to "creative household appliances first stock", and then to cutting into the whole category, to be "small household appliances that young people like". The rise of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance is not only the expansion of scale and the upgrading of brands, but also the accumulated strength of mathematical intelligence manufacturing based on the pulse of the times.

Upgrade Mathematical Intelligence to manufacture hard Power and consolidate the Foundation of Enterprise Development

At the 2023 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference, Zhou Ji, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the popularity of digital manufacturing and the breakthrough of intelligent manufacturing will reshape the technological system, production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry. lead the best part of a new round of industrial revolution. Moreover, in the next five years, the digital transformation of industrial enterprises will be the main battlefield to promote intelligent manufacturing and realize the innovative development of China's manufacturing industry.

This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for the small household appliance industry, which is in the stock market game. As analyzed by industry insiders, the overall growth of small household appliances has slowed down. On the one hand, it is mainly kitchen and electrical appliances, which has seen a concentrated outbreak of demand in the first three years; on the other hand, the existing products in users' homes have not yet reached the renewal period, and the demand for replacement is relatively low. The situation of collective pressure in the industry puts forward higher requirements for enterprises, landing to the product level of direct interaction with users, enterprises should respond quickly to the personalized needs of different types of users with a more lean manufacturing level, and be more competitive.

The manufacture of mathematical intelligence naturally becomes the key to breaking the situation. Compared with traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing can improve quality and efficiency through intelligent production scheduling and production, and improve shipping speed through fine management of the production process, and quickly complete customized design and production, so as to meet the market demand faster and more flexibly. This is good for the small household appliance industry with rapid iterative demand and more subdivided categories. Bear Electric has long smelled the change and started the road of digital intelligence transformation early.

In July this year, the second phase of Xiao Xiong's "Xiao Xiong Intelligent Home Appliance Manufacturing Base" was successfully capped. The project has a total construction area of 170000 square meters and a total investment of more than 600 million yuan. The construction of the park mainly includes two parts: digital factory and headquarters operation. It is estimated that after all the project is put into production, it can achieve an annual output of 15 million units, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion-2 billion yuan. So far, Xiaoxiong Electric Appliance has built a solid base with five intelligent manufacturing bases, spare parts production bases and operation bases with a total area of about 580000 square meters.

Moreover, in the actual production process, Xiao Xiong's intelligent chemical plant workshop also provides a reliable reference for the industry with high efficiency and high quality. Take the first phase of Xiao Xiong Appliance Intelligent Home Appliance Manufacturing Base, which was officially put into use in 2021. Through intelligent and digital upgrading, the personnel in the injection molding workshop has been reduced by 50%, but the production capacity has been increased by 10-15%. The electronic workshop originally needed 2 seconds to manually insert an electronic device, but now it only takes 0.14 seconds for machine operation; the testing link has also changed from manual inspection to "AI visual inspection". From the perspective of the whole production process, the mathematical intelligence manufacturing capacity makes the factory production "product scheduling follow the order, logistics and distribution follow the production line, quality inspection follow the process", and the advantages of digital lean manufacturing are brought into full play.

Improve the quality and efficiency of the whole process digitally and enhance the core competitiveness of the brand

Mathematical manufacturing itself is a macro proposition, enlarge the field of vision, in the whole process of innovation and development of manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is an important part, but not all, with the digital transformation of the whole industrial structure to achieve the whole process to improve quality and efficiency, the significance is more far-reaching. This will help to build the core competition barrier of the brand.

Li Yifeng, founder and chairman of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance, once said: "in the future, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance will increase investment in digital construction, further consolidate the full digital capability of the overall business chain of the enterprise, and expand the boundaries of digital platforms." This is a positive signal, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance layout digital intelligence transformation, pay attention to intelligent, pay more attention to the practice of digital internal skills. Through the digitization of the whole process and the whole industry chain, it can not only further promote the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, but also further enhance the brand strength of Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance.

Specifically, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance realizes the internal infiltration of digitalization by the way of "three-wheel drive" of process, data and system, and promotes the coordination of enterprises up and down to improve quality and efficiency. Through the system construction and integration in various business areas of research, production, supply, marketing and finance, and using a new generation of digital platforms such as ERP, intelligent manufacturing platform and marketing business platform, the full link promotes the transformation of enterprises to digital and intelligent operation, and the whole chain from customers to order, product manufacturing, production capacity, warehousing and distribution is interlinked. In addition, this year, Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance has also reached a strategic cooperation with IBM to jointly promote digital governance, ERP upgrade, process management and other new achievements, and further promote the deepening of the digital transformation of the whole chain of enterprises.

What is more commendable is that Little Bear uses the whole process of digitization to improve quality and efficiency, further promotes the boutique of Little Bear's products, research and development, production and design, and supports the landing and extension of its boutique strategy. truly customize a variety of exquisite life experiences for young people. Because of this, young people think of Little Bear Electric Appliances, not only the cure brought by small bubbles, the health guarded by miscellaneous grain rice cookers, the silent care of bass wall-breaking machines, but also the joy of friends getting together in a pot that can be rinsed and baked. Calm for the mother's multi-functional milk regulator, home care for high-speed hair dryer, moxibustion apparatus, cervical vertebra massager and other good things to create exquisite …...

In the construction wave of new industrialization in China, the strategic significance of digital intelligence manufacturing is self-evident. In order to complete this revolutionary transformation and upgrading, various industrial enterprises need forerunners and practitioners to break the situation and seek change. Bear Electric Appliance is the one who plays this role. It not only promotes itself to maintain the upward development trend, but also continues to store energy for the transformation and upgrading of the entire small household appliance industry.

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