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Counterpoint: Chinese high-end smartphone users are optimistic about folding screen phones, and 64% of users are willing to buy related models.

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Thanks to netizen SpongeBob for the clues picked up and delivered!, November 24, Counterpoint released an analysis report yesterday, saying that Chinese consumers are very interested in folding screen smartphones, and nearly 2/3 of the relevant high-end smartphone users are open to folding screen phones.

▲ image source Counterpoint official account noted that the key data information disclosed by Counterpoint is as follows:

64% of Chinese high-end smartphone users say they are willing to choose a folding screen phone the next time they buy it.

Wanting to try a new form (22%) and having a larger screen (21%) are the main reasons why users choose folding screen phones.

89% of potential folding screen phone buyers prefer large folding screen phones because of their larger screens and multitasking capabilities.

When choosing a folding screen brand, the brand's reputation and technical strength are the key considerations.

The durability of folding screen phones is the primary consideration for people.

This year, China's folding screen mobile phone market showed a high growth trend, growing by 106% in the third quarter compared with the same period last year. The Honor Magic V2 is the best-selling model this quarter. From the first quarter to the third quarter, the folding screen market grew by about 90% year-on-year, with Huawei occupying the largest market share.

▲ Picture Source Counterpoint official account in China, as many as 64% of smartphone users who used to spend more than $400 are considering folding phones in their next purchase plan, 20% of whom have made it clear that they will buy folding phones, while another 44% are weighing a straight board and a folding machine at the same time.

Android users are more interested in folding screen phones, at 71 per cent, compared with 58 per cent of iOS users. In the survey, users of existing folding screen mobile phones are more willing to buy folding phones, and most of them are willing to continue to use this new mobile phone form.

The durability of the folding screen phone is the part that respondents (23%) most want the product to improve, and the negative comments on domestic social media are mostly about the high maintenance cost of the folding screen and the durability of the product design. Therefore, the reputation of folding machine manufacturers in terms of quality and after-sales service is very important. also found that the survey also explored consumer expectations for large folding phones. About 70% of respondents believe that the weight of a folding screen phone should be similar to or lighter than the smartphone they are using. With regard to thickness, most respondents believe that the thickness of large folding phones should not exceed 10-12 mm. At the same time, most users are willing to pay 7000 to 8000 yuan for large folding devices.

▲ Picture Source Counterpoint official account Glory and other Chinese OEM manufacturers have increased their shipments of folding screen phones, while looking for faster growth in the global high-end market. In the future, the global folding screen market competition will be more fierce.

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