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INL, the largest nuclear energy research facility in the United States, was hacked by the hacker group SiegedSec and was asked to create a "cat mother".

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery!, November 24 (Xinhua) according to foreign media The Register, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the largest nuclear energy research facility in the United States, has been hacked by the hacker organization SiegedSec, which has stolen a large amount of employee sensitive identity data and asked the laboratory to produce "cat mother", otherwise the relevant data will be released.

Lori McNamara, a spokesman for ▲ 's foreign media The Register Idaho National Laboratory, confirmed that their human resources system had been hacked. The hackers successfully obtained relevant employee data by taking advantage of the loophole in INL's cloud human resources service provider system. The laboratory has taken immediate action to protect employee data after the incident, while SiegedSec claimed They have obtained "social security numbers, identity addresses and bank account information of thousands of employees".

SiegedSec also said that Idaho National Laboratory needs to bring "cat mother" to the real world so that the hacker group does not disclose sensitive identity data of its employees.

According to an inquiry by ▲ foreign media The, Idaho National Laboratory, which currently has more than 6100 employees, has developed the first commercial nuclear generator and the first nuclear propulsion system for the U.S. Navy. In addition, INL is also engaged in research on alternative energy solutions, power grid protection and the design of small modular reactors.

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