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Nintendo National Bank Switch "aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Dance" opens for pre-sale: on December 1st, 269 yuan

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Thanks to netizens AeoWesker, Yifeng and handwritten clues delivery! November 24 news, the somatosensory fitness game "aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Dance" is now on pre-sale (physical version) and will go on sale on December 1 at a price of 269 yuan.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo e store will start pre-sale of the digital version of "aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Dance" at 0:00 on November 25th, and will go on sale on December 1st. Free trial version is now available for download. noted that "aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Power Dance" uses "punching" as the main somatosensory movement, which can not only play a role in fitness while playing, but also release the stress and emotions caused by work and study.

"aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Power Dance" will automatically recommend suitable courses according to the needs of players. During the fitness process, you can also unlock various achievements and use charts to see the changes in calories and weight consumed.

The "Daily training" mode allows two people to play at the same time, and is equipped with an alarm clock to remind you to exercise regularly, as well as the ability to remove bad movements from the course.

Players in the game can choose "devil mode". In this mode, the coach who is usually gentle and patient will become a strict "devil coach". Nintendo Nintendo Switch aerobic Boxing 2 Boxing Power Dance 269 yuan direct link

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