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Due to crawling error messages, Microsoft Bing search results oolong said that "Australia does not exist"

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) Microsoft's Bing search engine had an own game yesterday, when users found that when using the engine to search for "does australia exist", Bing will give a "Australia does not exist" response.

According to the Guardian, the reason for this own goal of Bing engine is that the "compound summary" function of the engine crawled the wrong information.

While searching for related questions, Microsoft mistakenly crawled the comments of a user on Horizon, a well-known conspiracy theory website, who claimed that "everything about Australia was made up and the photos were forged by the relevant departments. Anyone who claims to be from Australia is an agent." In addition, Microsoft also crawled the comments of a Facebook user who claimed that Australia was "one of the biggest scams ever" and a British plot to make people think that criminals were exiled there rather than thrown into the sea.

After the news spread, Microsoft urgently deleted the search results of the answers to the relevant questions under the engine. As of release, a Microsoft spokesman said that the Bing problem has been resolved, now search "whether Australia exists", Bing engine will answer "Australia does exist".

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