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Musk responded: the Cybertruck can cross at least 100m of water like a ship

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Thanks to netizen Jiayi for your clue delivery!, December 20, Musk recently responded to questions from netizens, saying that he would provide a modification package for Cybertruck so that the pure electric pickup truck can cross at least 100m of water like a ship, and in most cases only need to upgrade the door seal.

Musk announced last September that the Cybertruck was strong enough to act as a temporary boat across rivers, lakes and even less rough seas.

Tesla has added a "wading mode" to the car, which is described as "raising the height of the car while wading and pressurizing the battery," reported on the 7th of this month.

According to the previously exposed parts catalog, Tesla named the line of compressed air into the battery pack "Scuba Pack Airline" and was connected to the compressed air storage tank of the air suspension through the "submersible valve block assembly". The whole system gave the impression that Cybertruck was dressed in a swimsuit rather than a boat.

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