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Huawei Cloud works with industry software companies to build a new paradigm of ecological cooperation and a new future of win-win intelligence.

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In the intelligent era, under the multiple factors such as the rapid development of information technology such as cloud computing, big data and 5G, and the needs of enterprise digital transformation, the enterprise software and service market ushered in trillion-level market opportunities and broad prospects. at the same time, it is also changing the pattern of enterprise market competition, and accelerating the reshaping of industrial ecology.

While the software companies in the industry are stepping into the fast lane, there are also new challenges. How to deal with these challenges and seize the opportunities has become a common issue faced by entrepreneurs. On December 16, 2023, 2023 Huawei Cloud Industry Ecological Entrepreneur Forum was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Huawei Cloud spoke freely with more than 30 industry software entrepreneurs to discuss the success of software and industry application service companies in the new era of digital intelligence.

2023 Huawei Cloud Industry Ecological Entrepreneur Forum site photos

Jointly build a new model of ecological cooperation and stimulate commercial potential

At present, with the continuous upgrading of cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology and applications, a new industrial pattern is taking shape. Thousands of industries have given birth to thousands of scenarios, which has further stimulated the new demand for digital development, and the enterprise service market needs high-quality development more. No matter from the global or domestic industrial development pattern, the formation of joint ecology among various enterprises is an effective way to form superposition effect and aggregation effect and bring continuous breakthroughs for the industry.

At the meeting, Kang Ning, president of Huawei Cloud Global Ecology Department, said in a speech, "Huawei Cloud hopes to work with industry partners to build a healthy and sustainable new ecology, jointly promote the upgrading of the software industry, take the cloud as the base for innovation ecology, and take large models as the representative of innovative technology. speed up the reshaping of thousands of industries, and provide new momentum for building an inclusive, inclusive and resilient digital world."

Zhang Dongsheng, vice president of Huawei Cloud China, shared the theme of "two-way win-win". He believes that enterprise digital transformation is a long-term systematic project, which requires long-term strategic partners, All in cooperation and systematic capabilities. Two-way trip, All in cooperation is not only between Huawei Cloud and ecological partners, but also between customers, two-way achievements, so that we can win-win together. Based on the strategy of "digitalization, everything is served", Huawei Cloud, through "8 have": accumulation, ability, technology, willingness, process, business opportunity, organization and practice, join hands with ecological partners to help customers in the industry succeed in digital transformation and achieve win-win results.

Tao Zhiqiang, vice president of Huawei Cloud China and head of Huawei Cloud Ecological Development and Operations, shared Huawei Cloud's ideas and goals of building ecology with partners and developers. Tao Zhiqiang pointed out that the core of ecology is innovative value around serving customers. Huawei Cloud is actively working with ecological partners to build an open, cooperative and win-win cloud ecology, with the aim of jointly creating technology and scene applications, constantly stimulating business potential, and promoting a thousand industries to win digital wisdom in the future. At the same time, Tao Zhiqiang synchronized the landing of Huawei Cloud's new ecosystem and emphasized its investment and determination in technological innovation. "Huawei Cloud's development is inseparable from thousands of developers and many ecological partners. Huawei Cloud will continue to increase its investment in the ecological field, provide comprehensive services and support, serve customers together, and achieve win-win results."

Work together to win-win, looking for ways to break the situation of software in the industry.

The practice of ecological cooperation among enterprises is also an important topic of this forum. At the meeting, representatives of Baiwangyun, Mingyuanyun and other enterprises also delivered speeches on the theme of "ecological cooperation", explaining in detail their practical experience and thinking in "broadening ecological cooperation and finding ways to break the situation."

Qiao Lunuo, executive vice president of Baiwangyun, said in a speech that the digital age has come, and Baiwangyun is actively optimizing the choice and thinking of corporate strategic cooperation in order to meet the challenges of the times. In the cooperation with Huawei Cloud, Huawei Cloud continues to help Baiwang Cloud to upgrade its structure, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the future, the two sides will also actively carry out strategic cooperation with partners to explore new business models and cooperation models in the areas of industry joint development, key central state-owned enterprises, overseas business development, five major operators, business innovation, and large models, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with partners.

Wu Xiaohua, from the ecological cooperation and investment department of Mingyuanyun Group, also brought the content sharing of "two-way trip to jointly innovate the digitization of the real estate industry". Wu Xiaohua said Mingyuanyun Group had made remarkable achievements in its digital transformation, thanks in large part to close cooperation with partners such as Huawei Cloud. At present, Mingyuanyun has successively helped 1000 + state-owned enterprises to achieve digital transformation and innovative development. Next, Mingyuanyun will also cooperate with Huawei Cloud on various projects such as wisdom park, project construction and enabling cloud base operation to build a deeper industry ecology and jointly accelerate the development of digital innovation in the real estate industry.

In addition, in the round-table discussion session of entrepreneurs, Li Xin, general manager of Huawei Cloud Software partner Development, Wang Bin, vice president of Huawei Cloud China, and others discussed "serving thousands of industries and creating customer value in depth." Many partners put forward some "difficulties" they face in expanding the industry market, such as, "how to win industry customer satisfaction and provide customers with more in-depth value?" The representative of HuaWeiYun also talked about Huawei's experience in serving the government and enterprise market, and at the same time brought Huawei's practical ideas in organizational construction and sales management system to help partners improve their corporate efficiency and tap more business value.

Whatever is beneficial, go with it. In the spring tide of technological revolution, industrial reform, digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, enterprises must speed up the construction of their own unique value and core competitiveness. In this context, with the power of ecology, with partners, with an open mind, the strength of cooperation, constantly promote the digital transformation of enterprises, is the only way to promote the rapid development of digital economy. In the future, HuaWeiYun will continue to work closely with more enterprises to meet the challenges of change and drive the digital future of thousands of industries.

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