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12 boarding points to take a taxi faster Gaode taxi-hailing service for Zhang Xueyou's concert.

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This weekend, a number of concerts by Zhang Xueyou will be held in Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park. Gaode Taxi will provide the end-of-show dredging service for the concert, using traffic big data to dig, recommend and guide the boarding point, and guide the audience to help the audience get a taxi faster and ease the traffic congestion caused by the end of the show.

At the end of the concert, because they are not familiar with the traffic around the venue, the audience often huddle together at the entrance of the venue to take a taxi, which is easy to cause congestion. And drivers are reluctant to take orders in congested areas, causing spectators to spend more time waiting in line to call and wait for a bus.

The Gaode taxi-hailing service enables the audience to understand the traffic situation in real time, and guides the audience to the recommended boarding point outside the congested area through the ability of "data mining-real-time prompt-one-click navigation-priority boarding", so that the audience can take a taxi home faster.

Around the Youth Olympic Sports Park, Gaode Taxi excavated 12 recommended boarding points, which are located at Gate 1 of Lanting on the left bank of China Sea, everyone's Le Fruit and vegetable Store, and the east side of Jiangbei Citizen Fitness Square.

The recommended boarding point is excavated by big data with the help of the ability of Amap's integrated travel service, integrating historical road conditions, real-time road conditions, traffic control information, historical taxi pickups, and so on. It is recommended that the boarding point is about 5-10 minutes' walk from the entrance and exit of the venue, but outside the congested area, it is faster for spectators to call a taxi at the recommended boarding point than at the entrance of the venue.

At the end of the concert, the audience turned on Gaud's taxi to see the surrounding congested area, as well as the expected waiting time to call a taxi in the congested area. Viewers can also see the nearest recommended boarding points and how long they are expected to get on the bus earlier than in congested areas.

In order to help users find the recommended boarding points, Gaud taxi has set up directions at the concert site, and audiences can also navigate there on foot directly online. Viewers will call a taxi at the recommended boarding point, and Gaud will also offer 40% discount coupons and priority boarding rights to encourage viewers to take a ride at the recommended boarding point. Viewers can get taxi coupons at Amap's search for "Youth Olympic boarding Point".

In September this year, Lin Junjie's "JJ20" concert was held at the Bird's Nest at the National Stadium in Beijing. Gaode taxi provided a break-up service for the concert. Data show that compared with previous similar activities, the road congestion around the Bird's Nest was shortened by 40 minutes at the end of the concert.

Up to now, Gaode taxi has provided off-site guidance services for concerts, Chinese Super League and other large-scale events in 41 venues in 21 cities. This weekend, Gaode taxi-hailing club will provide over 20 concerts in more than 10 cities across the country.

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