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Microsoft released VS Code 1.85: added floating editor window, Copilot interpretable Rust code, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8, Microsoft currently launched Visual Studio Code version 1.85, which mainly added floating editor windows, improved accessibility view workflow, refined extended update control, and updated GitHub Copilot functions. In addition, it also enabled a new CDN for download services, claiming to be able to get high download speeds anywhere in the world.

Interested partners can view the specific update log here. The main changes in are as follows:

Floating editor window users can drag and drop the editor into a single window.

Accessibility view adds the variable "accessibility.accessibleView.closeOnKeyPress" to the "automatically close accessibility view" function so that users who need it can disable related features.

Tooltip when the cursor hovers over a specific button, a function shortcut key that opens the corresponding button is displayed.

The extension update control improves that the user can choose the extension that needs to be updated automatically, and the relevant functions can be configured in the settings to achieve automatic update of some extensions, and some extensions will not update automatically.

The new profile icon adds 8 new icons: "VR", "Piano", "Coffee", "Snake", "Robot", "Game", "Chip" and "Music".

The GitHub Copilot update Copilot now interprets Rust code and discovers potential vulnerabilities in the source code.

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