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OPPO Reno11 series released, all SLR portraits, 2499 yuan really fragrant starting sale

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On November 23, OPPO officially launched its new phones, the Reno11 series and the OPPO Pad Air2 tablet. Among them, the OPPO Reno11 series inherits the superior experience of Reno in frivolous aesthetics and portrait photography, and has a comprehensive upgrade in appearance, image, performance and system interactive experience, bringing consumers a new model with both high-looking appearance and SLR portrait experience.

The OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with a single-level portrait camera with 5000 megapixels, inheriting the algorithm of the flagship Find series, and realizing the overall upgrade of portrait photography. At present, the machine has been scheduled, with a starting price of 2499 yuan, of which the Reno11 will go on sale on November 25 and the Reno11 Pro will go on sale on December 1.

SLR portraits are blessed, and the image strength is greatly upgraded.

Image has always been the main highlight of the OPPO Reno series, the new OPPO Reno11 series continues the image algorithm of the Find X series, and has brought a comprehensive upgrade in portrait photography, in which the Reno11 has become the only mobile phone with a professional portrait lens within 3,000 yuan, popularizing the SLR all-around shooting effect to a certain extent, easily realizing the "one-mirror acceptance" from the whole body to the whole body.

In terms of specific configuration, the OPPO Reno11 is equipped with a 3200 million SLR portrait lens and a 47mm golden portrait focus, creating the most powerful telephoto portrait shooting capability in the history of Reno. Commendably, the OPPO Reno11 series is also equipped with the flagship super-light shadow system, with facial features portrait virtual engine, ultra-clear image quality engine, super-light shadow image engine, combined with SLR portrait mode, can produce a virtual effect comparable to the SLR lens, such as turning the tree shadow into a dream spot full of atmosphere, to improve the texture of the photo.

What's more, OPPO Reno11 Pro is equipped with the same dynamic shadow screen of Find X6 series, which supports ProXDR display function, which can record up to 12 million photon point matrix information, achieve up to 8 times brightness excitation, and bring closer to the distribution of light and shadow of the picture seen by human eyes. This screen also has many advantages, such as 2772-1240 resolution, 120Hz intelligent dynamic refresh rate, 1600nit peak brightness and so on. The screen quality is also excellent, which can bring a better screen experience.

Deep optimization of software and hardware, and four years of durable large batteries.

In terms of performance, OPPO Reno11 Standard Edition carries Tianji 8200 mobile platform, Pro version carries full blood version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + flagship platform, the whole department is equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 3.1flash memory, and has a newly upgraded ColorOS supercomputing platform, fully stimulating chip strength, Reno11 Standard Edition can support "Arena of Valor" 120frame ultra-high frame rate experience, bringing users a lasting and stable frame without burning hot game experience.

It is worth mentioning that the first launch of the OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with ColorOS 14, in which the built-in supercomputing platform is fully upgraded to provide a stable and smooth experience without pressure for 48 months. With the new "memory lossless compression" technology, duplicate files can be automatically deduplicated and idle files can be automatically compressed, which can save the highest 45GB storage space in the OPPO Reno11 series of 512GB version, and users can use more memory.

When it comes to systems, the ColorOS 14 system in the OPPO Reno11 series has a revolutionary functional experience, such as "fluid cloud" active services and efficient "transit station" content transfer functions, which can help users overcome the ecological barriers between different applications and enable the efficient flow of picture, text and document content across applications. "Transit Station" is the first super temporary storage space for OPPO to preview and share, supporting all kinds of file drag and sharing, and opening up the interaction between App and terminal, making it full of practicality.

With regard to battery life, the OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with a four-year super-durable battery and a long-life version of 80W super flash charge, which supports the self-developed battery health engine of OPPO and the industry-leading extremely cold mode, which can not only reduce the loss of battery capacity, but also make the battery usable capacity not less than 80% of that of the factory after 4 years of use, and you don't have to worry about charging even at minus 20 ℃. At the same time, OPPO has brought a four-year battery replacement plan for the first buyers of the Reno11 series. If the battery capacity is less than 80% in four years, you can replace the new battery for free, which is really sweet.

Pioneered Guang Yun gem craft, still high-looking and frivolous.

In terms of appearance, the OPPO Reno11 series follows the family's light and high-looking design, Reno11 light to 184g, thin to 7.59mm, coupled with 3D hyperboloid design, feel light and comfortable. It is reported that the OPPO Reno11 series innovates again in color matching, inspired by natural gemstones, bringing four new colors: "moonlight gemstone", "turquoise green", "accolade black" and "fluorite green" to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. Among them, the Reno11 series "Moonlight Gem" pioneered the light rhyme gem technology, which has precise texture and delicate touch like silk, which has attracted a lot of people's attention.

OPPO Pad Air2 benchmarking eye protection, learning optimization

In addition to releasing the Reno11 series, OPPO also brings a new generation of tablet OPPO Pad Air2, which not only inherits the flagship design of OPPO Pad2, but also comes with a 2.4k ultra-high-definition high-brush eye protection screen for clearer and smoother display. It also supports intelligent color temperature adjustment and hardware-grade low blue light of the flagship model, and has passed the RWE Global Eye 2.0 certification and RWE rhythm-friendly 1.0 dual certification. Coupled with the built-in new and upgraded learning space, with richer learning and education functions, with efficient ColorOS system, 8GB+256GB large storage, 8000mAh large battery and so on, the comprehensive strength is more outstanding, which meets the needs of students and parents.

Generally speaking, the two new products brought by this OPPO conference are very sincere, in which the OPPO Reno11 series is not only upgraded on the basis of appearance, performance, screen and battery life, but also brings the SLR portrait experience in the image, and the image strength goes up to the next floor. At present, the starting price of the OPPO Reno11 series is 2499 yuan, and the first sale of OPPO Pad Air2 will be reduced by 100 yuan to 1199 yuan. From now on, full booking will be launched online and offline simultaneously through all channels. Reno11 Pro will be available for sale on December 1. Interested consumers might as well go to offline stores to have a personal experience.

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