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In preparation for the Black five promotion, Apple's overseas official website is being updated and maintained.

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Thanks to netizen DKind for the clue delivery!, Nov. 24, Apple's overseas official website is being updated and maintained, with the page saying "Be right back". Since today is Black Friday (overseas Promotion Festival), there is a good chance that Apple is preparing for the Black five promotion.

It is understood that Apple products on Amazon have launched promotions, including MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and so on. Of these, Apple's new watch Apple Watch Ultra 2 was originally priced at $799 ( Note: currently about 5713 yuan) and is now priced at a discount of $739 (currently about 5284 yuan).

The original price of the Miaoku keyboard is $99, the current price is $79 (currently about RMB 565), the original price of Beats Solo3 headphones is $199.95, the current price is $99.95 (currently about RMB 715), and the original price of Beats Studio Pro headphones is $349.99 and current price is $169.99 (currently about RMB 1215).

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