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Ant Group has signed a five-year strategic cooperation with Inner Mongolia to explore the provision of cross-border e-wallet services

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According to on November 24, the people's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous region and Ant Group have signed strategic cooperation. In the next five years, the two sides will cooperate in depth in ecological protection, green and low carbon, digital economy, inclusive finance, government services, and improvement of people's livelihood. with cooperation content:

Ecological protection, green and low carbon field

Ant Forest strives to complete another 2 million mu of desert prevention and control projects such as afforestation, management and protection in Mongolia within 5 years.

Targeted donation of 100 million yuan to support ecological management of Hunshandake Sandy Land

Help the construction of carbon inclusive platform for residents in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region

Science and technology + financial field

Exploring Financial Innovation for Animal Husbandry

Explore the provision of cross-border e-wallet services for the whole region of Inner Mongolia

"hundred Counties and hundred products to help Agriculture Action" is the first promotion model of "Agricultural products + Tourism" in Inner Mongolia.

The field of industrial digitization

Deepen the digital cooperation of government service

Promote the digitization of industry through technologies such as ant chain

Jointly promote the construction of an one-stop employment platform

Improve the digital application of public services such as medical treatment, transportation, culture and travel, etc.

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