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The first phase of the world's first commercial undersea data center will be completed in Hainan, China: processing more than 4 million high-definition photos in 30 seconds.

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Thanks to netizens, Xi, Xichang and Xiao Zhan for the delivery of clues!, November 24, according to a CCTV financial report, today, the 1300-ton submarine data center core equipment "submarine data module" will be installed in Lingshui, Hainan. After successful installation and commissioning, the first phase of the world's first commercial submarine data center will be fully completed.

According to reports, this installation of the world's largest undersea data module is not only capable of storing data, but also an undersea "supercomputer". It is equivalent to 60, 000 traditional computers working online at the same time, capable of processing more than 4 million high-definition photos in 30 seconds.

The world's first commercial undersea data center project plans to deploy 100 cabins. compared with traditional land data centers of the same size, it can save 122 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, 68000 square meters of construction land and 105000 tons of fresh water every year.

According to, the contractor of this project is Shenzhen Hailanyun data Center Technology Co., Ltd., previously, in conjunction with the National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, selected the sea area for the construction of the submarine data center and settled in Qingshui Bay, Yingzhou Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous County.

The data center is composed of shore station, underwater relay station, underwater data terminal and submarine cable. the shore station carries electric power, network access, central monitoring and other facilities. Underwater relay station is responsible for power and network distribution, control and return of the general name of the intermediate underwater facilities, underwater data terminals focus on electronic information equipment and underwater facilities. Among them, the underwater relay station and the underwater data terminal are deployed on the seabed of the designated target.

The submarine data center fills the gap in the field of integration and development of marine engineering and new infrastructure of data center in China, and the overall technical level and industrialization capability are in the forefront of the world.

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