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Cet-4 and CET-6 high-quality exam preparation strategy: with Huawei wisdom search review more efficient

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Shulou( Report--

Towards the end of the year, CET-4 and CET-6, postgraduate entrance exams, final exams and other examinations arrive as promised. While preparing for the exam, many students will use their mobile phones to watch online lessons, memorize words and collect information, but the review materials are in the mobile phone one by one. It is not only troublesome to find, but also may be distracted by other content. If you want to prepare for the exam with high quality, you can learn to search with Huawei's wisdom. With it, you can effectively reduce the "invisible cost" of preparing for the exam and get twice the result with half the effort.

Refuse to be distracted to improve efficiency, drop down the desktop to search for test materials

Take CET-4 or CET-6 preparation as an example, when looking up the previously saved exam preparation materials, not only the chat records can not be pulled to the end, but if you inadvertently clean up the chat records, it is even more difficult to find them in layers of local folders.

If you search directly through the drop-down of your mobile desktop, you can not only quickly find the files stored in various locations in the machine, but also fix your actions on the main line of exam preparation, reducing the possibility of being distracted by other software. You only need to enter the relevant name of the material or the keywords of the text content, such as "word" and "composition template", you can quickly find the files stored in the mobile phone, even if you do not remember the specific file name, the keywords of the text content can also be efficiently retrieved. In addition to the files stored locally on the phone, the desktop drop-down can also open the notes backed up in the cloud disk in the cloud space at any time, and the results of online editing on the phone can be synchronized at multiple ends, and you can directly use the latest version by opening the cloud disk with the computer cloud space. review the rhythm of this hold.

Scattered knowledge points in photo albums, desktop drop-down quick search for pictures

When preparing for the exam, some students may review it through online lessons or saving a summary of some picture-based knowledge points, so that they can take out more glances and memorize them in their spare time. But do not want to save, there are more screenshots in the mobile phone photo album, and sometimes I think that when I want to see a grammar explanation, I just can't find it in the phone. In fact, through the mobile desktop drop-down search, we can not only retrieve the physical content of the local photo, but also find the screenshot by identifying the text content on the picture, saving the time of finding pictures in the vast sea of pictures. After all, the exam is not far away, and every second is very important.

Scan the quick translation, where you can't scan.

It is estimated that many abandon fans will find that the first word in the Oxford paperback thesaurus is no longer "abandon", it has been replaced by "aback"! What does this new "superior" aback mean?

When you encounter this situation where you can't understand English words, just drop down the desktop and click the "scan" icon on the right of the search box to enter translation mode. For example, if you scan for "aback", you will quickly present the Chinese of the word. You can scan wherever you don't know, and you can solve any confusion at any time.

In all kinds of exam review at the end of the year, every minute is precious, making Huawei's quick entrances such as searching documents, searching pictures and scanning translation become the right-hand man for students to prepare for the exam in an efficient and orderly manner. every minute can be maximized to help you pass the preparation period and meet the challenges of the exam!

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