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IQOO Neo9 series mobile phone line draft exposure: remove the plastic bracket and provide a four-curved glass back cover

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Thanks to netizens Watt, Xiao Zhan cut, very home very afraid of health, soft media new friends 1933769 clues delivery!, Nov. 24 (Xinhua)-- with the release of Android flagships, new mid-range phones are on the agenda. Today, blogger @ Digital chat site posted an online draft of the new iQOONeo iterative machine, which is expected to be the iQOO Neo9 series.

According to the blogger, the new machine uses a 6.78in screen, narrows the frame and BWH, removes the plastic bracket, the Deco is smaller and easier to stack, and the body is probably the thinnest in the competition.

He said that the texture of the new machine has also been significantly improved, with a flagship four-curved glass back cover and a double color combination, with increased performance and thinning thickness, and the first echelon of the performance of the same gear. In addition, he also said the new machine will be released "a year ago", but did not say whether it will be before the Spring Festival or before New Year's Day.

As of 's post, iQOO has not disclosed any information about the new phone.

▲ iQOO Neo8 as a reference, the previous generation of iQOO Neo8 was released in May this year, the product is equipped with Snapdragon 8 + processor, UFS 3.1, LPDDR5, self-developed chip V1cm, the front is equipped with 6.78inch AMOLED vertical screen, the resolution is 2800 × 1260, and the highest 144Hz refresh rate is supported. The product is also equipped with an equivalent 5000mAh (typical value) battery, which supports 120W fast charging and a rear 5000-megapixel super-sensitive camera + 2 million virtual lens.

IQOO Neo8 Pro is equipped with Tianji 9200 + processor, UFS 4.0, LPDDR5X, self-developed chip V1 camera, screen and battery parameters are basically the same as the standard version, with 5000 megapixel Sony IMX866V ultra-clear main camera + 8 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

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