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Xiao Hongshu announces the completion of Beta version development of Huawei Hongmeng native application.

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Thanks to netizens Mr. Aviation, Xiao Zhan cut, soft media users 1174711 clue delivery! news on November 24, a few days ago in the "Hongmeng native application Beta version development ceremony", Xiao Hongshu announced the completion of Huawei Hongmeng native application Beta version of App development, becoming the first over 200 million MAU ( note: monthly active users) more than the completion of Hongmeng native Beta version of the development of App.

According to the cover news report, Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said, "I believe that based on HarmonyOS's unique full-scene distributed architecture, seamless flow ability and powerful performance, and AI model, Hongmeng's original version of Little Red Book not only brings consumers a direct and convenient entrance, a new experience of" timely service ", but also can obtain continuous, intelligent and highly viscous new traffic." summarizes and announces the following App list for launching Hongmeng native application development (as of press time): (version 1.0 was released on July 9, 2021)

Same trip (started)

Happy Xiaoxiaole (completed)

Meituan (started)

Where to (started)

Sina Weibo, Sina News (launched)

Graphite document (completed)

Nailing (started)

Flight is always accurate (activated)

As previously reported by, Huang Bo, head of Huawei developer Alliance Operations Department, said in a speech during the 2023 China International embedded Conference held last month, "with the development of Hongmeng Ecology, we expect the demand for related jobs in Hongmeng to reach one million next year. In the next few years, we believe that Hongmeng's demand for development talent will be on a par with the scale of developers of Apple and Android Ecology, reaching tens of millions."

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