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CHERRY launches MX2A customized shaft retail cans: 30 pieces per can, a variety of shaft bodies can be selected

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, CHERRY today announced the launch of MX2A customized shaft retail cans, each can have 30 shafts, there are tea shaft, red axis, black axis, silver axis, green axis and other shafts to choose from.

According to officials, the retail cans are made of glass and support recycling. The lids of the retail cans are made of wood and engraved with the words "CHERRY XTRFY". reported on CHERRY's new MX2A shaft in August. According to officials, the CHERRY MX2A will provide a more sensitive and satisfying typing experience, improved acoustics, a more pleasant sound experience, and a lifetime of more than 100 million times. The MX2A series will include all full-size models, such as MX Red, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed Silver, MX Silent Red and their respective RGB models.

MX2A also features an innovative spring design that changes from cylindrical to barrel geometry, achieving near-contactless linear motion, reducing spring deformation and scratches on this durable switch, and an improved stem guide system with diamond polished sliding surfaces for both the lower and upper shell parts to improve smoothness during use.

At present, the information on the retail cans has not been found on the e-commerce platform.

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