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Fight a tough battle to reduce carbon emissions with "green clouds"

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Shulou( Report--

A good ecological environment is the foundation of human survival and development, and it is our common aspiration to have a beautiful home with blue sky, green earth and clean water.

In 2020, China made a commitment to the "double carbon" goal at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. In the following three years, China vigorously promoted the green transformation of energy production and consumption, promoted the low-carbon development of the industry, and issued a series of programmatic documents, from top-level design to implementation, and steadily promoted the "double carbon" work.

Under the background, it is imperative to promote energy saving, carbon reduction and green development in traditional industries. At present, the new generation of digital technology represented by cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence is accelerating its integration with the field of high carbon emissions and playing a key role. More and more enterprises see the potential of digital technology in reducing costs, improving efficiency and sustainable development. With the gradual deepening of the work of "double carbon", the information infrastructure such as data center is also developing in a greener and sustainable direction.

Where is the road of green transformation in traditional industries?

At present, the enterprise "on the cloud" has become a general trend. According to IDC, the overall market size of public cloud services in China (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) was US $19.01 billion in the first half of 2023. Among them, the market size of IaaS is 11.29 billion US dollars, a year-on-year growth rate of 13.2%. Today, with the rapid development of cloud computing and the digital transformation and upgrading of the enabling industry, various industries are also thinking about how cloud computing can promote sustainable development.

According to the latest research results of S & P global market finance intelligence, Chinese enterprises running business applications on cloud infrastructure can reduce related energy consumption by up to 78%, among which cloud servers can help enterprises achieve up to 65% energy saving due to higher energy efficiency and utilization.

From the perspective of energy efficiency, cloud computing uses server virtualization to minimize the total space occupied by physical servers, thereby reducing power consumption. There is no doubt that on the road of energy saving and carbon reduction, cloud computing will be an indispensable and powerful tool for society to achieve low-carbon and high-quality development, which will be concerned by the industry.

"Wisdom Factory"-- insert Green wings for Iron and Steel production

At present, the carbon emissions of the iron and steel industry account for about 15% of China's carbon emissions, which is the manufacturing industry with the highest carbon emissions, so carbon emission reduction is imperative. As an important high-quality steel production base in the south, facing the goal of "double carbon", Xiangtan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.") put forward the strategy of "green manufacturing". Actively explore the road of scientific and technological innovation, intelligence and green development.

Based on the transformation and development needs of Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Mobile Cloud gives full play to the capability advantages of network, platform and application to provide it with cloud base architecture and data integration services to help build the cloud platform of Digital Intelligence Factory. Through a "cloud" to realize the information and data sharing of connection layer, control layer, MES layer, ERP layer and decision layer, Xianggang has created a "data center" and "intelligent brain" of intelligent manufacturing to promote the comprehensive allocation optimization of internal resources and the integrated optimization of business processes. At the same time, through the "cloud-edge-to-end" architecture, Xianggang has realized the integration of IT and OT, which can not only improve the value and utilization of data, but also realize the overall management and analysis of iron and steel production, management and other processes.

Through digital means, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Company has further promoted the systematization of intelligent manufacturing and realized the dynamic optimization of production and the visualization of manufacturing and management information. In addition, the intelligent level of resource allocation, process optimization, process control and industrial chain management has also been significantly improved, which is conducive to reducing energy and material consumption, promoting environmental protection, and helping to establish green factories. To achieve sustainable and high-quality development of enterprises.

Wisdom Hall of Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

"unmanned Farm"-- creating a New Model of increasing production and reducing carbon

Agriculture, which emits the largest carbon emissions of greenhouse gases, is also reducing carbon emissions through "upper cloud". In order to realize the mechanization, precision and unmanned operation in the four fields of ploughing, planting, management and harvesting, Jiangsu Haizhou Agricultural Development Group Yizhenong Smart Farm pioneered the operation mode of Mobile Cloud + 5G Private Network + Intelligent Agricultural Machinery, and deployed a comprehensive digital agriculture platform, including big data platform and farm management service platform, which is widely used in spring ploughing, sowing and transplanting rice seedlings.

Based on the cloud resources provided by mobile cloud, the platform has the characteristics of flexible and scalable resources, high availability and high concurrency, with agricultural big data collection, processing and decision-making as the core, combined with agronomic technology, by establishing the form of "one cloud, multi-ecology". An integrated and high-standard management system was built for the whole agricultural machinery operation, and a complete large database was formed to guide agricultural production.

Nowadays, with the blessing of the platform, the staff of Yizhi Farm can obtain real-time data on crop growth links such as soil fertility, crop growth, diseases and insect pests in the command room or mobile phone. Agricultural robots and automation equipment can be "busy" in the vast expanse of farmland to achieve "intelligent farming." In addition, through the "5G + Beidou" technology, the farm has realized agricultural machinery autopilot navigation, accurate operation and fine management of agricultural machinery, which can not only effectively avoid the overlap of fertilization, sowing and pesticides, but also greatly reduce the loss rate of harvested grains, improve the utilization rate of pesticides, and promote the green development of agricultural production.

The results of an one-year operation test on the farm show that, compared with the traditional mechanical operation mode, after building an "unmanned farm", the farming efficiency is increased by 10%, the pesticide cost is reduced by 5%, and the labor cost is saved by about 50%. To achieve the farm's "increase in foreign exchange, emission reduction, consumption reduction, circulation".

Yizhenong Wisdom Farm Command Room

"Guardian of the Blue Sky"-- guarding the Central Plains Blue by Intelligent means

The smoke caused by straw burning is the main cause of air pollution. In Henan, in order to strengthen the open-air prohibition of crop straw burning, promote the recycling of resources, and protect the ecological environment, Henan Agricultural and Rural Department continues to innovate prevention and control means, relying on China Mobile's "clairvoyance" intelligent image recognition technology, GIS geographic information technology, fusion communication technology, thermal imaging and other modern high and new technologies, to build an intelligent monitoring system for straw burning prohibition of "Blue Sky Guardian" in the province.

Based on the cloud native architecture design and the distributed containerization deployment scheme of "province + city", Blue Sky Guardian can provide core capabilities such as video aggregation, basic video management, terminal management and so on. In practical application, around the aspects of fire alarm, fire point location, fire research and judgment, handling feedback, etc., "Blue Sky Guardian" can help relevant departments to quickly build a fire map and realize the unified display of fire data in the whole province.

Since then, Mobile Cloud has been upgraded in all aspects for the "Blue Sky Guardian". Through the construction of a provincial center + 17 edge nodes, Mobile Cloud has built a high-speed video private network in the province, and built a full stack exclusive cloud resource pool in 18 prefectures and cities to form a video cloud to meet the access, management, analysis and storage of 20,000 + high-altitude video surveillance cameras in the province, and provide relevant supporting and operation and maintenance service system, realizing the intelligent monitoring and supervision of straw burning in the province.

The upgraded "Blue Sky Guardian" can quickly identify, alarm and dispose of the fire through the straw anti-burning algorithm, and display the fire statistics and distribution through a large visual screen, so as to achieve more efficient, accurate and real-time monitoring and management of farmland and crops, so as to make the work of straw burning ban to a new level. At present, "Blue Sky Guardian" has built a total of 19700 video monitoring points, covering 123 million mu of arable land in the province, and achieved zero fire point of straw burning in the province in the same year.

"Blue Sky Guardian" system interface

Significant increase in computing demand

It is imperative to save energy and reduce consumption in digital infrastructure

With the help of cloud computing, traditional industrial manufacturing and agricultural production can achieve digital and fine management, so as to improve energy efficiency and production efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions in all aspects of the industrial chain. In this process, the amount of computation also shows an exponential trend, and the rapid growth of data output accelerates the construction of data centers.

As the key infrastructure of digital development, data centers need to consume a lot of energy in the process of production and use. In 2022, data centers across the country consumed 270 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, accounting for about 3 percent of society's electricity consumption, according to the China Academy of Information and Communication. It can be seen that while the data center has become an important foundation of the digital economy, it has also become a "smokeless steel mill".

Therefore, it is urgent to promote "green computing", and many cloud computing manufacturers have launched "carbon reduction plans" one after another. As a forerunner and advocate of sustainable development, mobile cloud is one of the cloud manufacturers that started carbon neutralization planning earlier in China. Last year, Mobile Cloud officially released the "double carbon" Action Plan to be a good practitioner of "cloud carbon reduction" through technological innovation and improving the layout of resources.

Multi-measures to transform the data center to achieve the ultimate "green"

Driven by the strategic goal of "double carbon", China has successively issued relevant policies to promote the green upgrading of key facilities such as data centers, clearly requiring that by 2025, the energy efficiency (PUE) of new large and super-large data centers across the country will be reduced to less than 1.3.

Mobile cloud responds positively to the policy and continues to promote energy saving and consumption reduction in self-built data centers by introducing water cooling units, intelligent BA systems, solar energy and other ways to build a green data center. At the same time, by regularly maintaining the air conditioning system and cleaning the filter, optimizing the air conditioning configuration, improving the operation efficiency of the water pump and reducing the loss of energy consumption. It is estimated that the optimized mobile cloud data center PUE has been reduced by more than 10%, and won the "Green data Center Gold Certification" for its outstanding performance in green and low carbon.

Secondly, based on the overall energy saving and carbon reduction, mobile cloud starts from the design and installation, deeply analyzes the product load, distinguishes the power consumption of different product equipment, makes full use of rack physical space and power resources to optimize equipment density, and introduces flexible rack to maximize the use of cabinet resources.

In addition, in order to solve the problems of PUE less than 1.25 and the heat dissipation of server high-power chips, China Mobile Cloud developed fully decoupled liquid cooling technology and worked out the decoupling scheme of liquid-cooled server, liquid-cooled cabinet, liquid-cooled pipeline and liquid-cooled data center facilities, which can realize that the PUE of data center is lower than 1.25, which is of great significance for energy saving in large-scale new computer rooms across the country.

Strengthen the distribution of resources in the east and west and explore a new path of green energy conservation

The data center is an "electric tiger". The reason for its high energy consumption and high emissions is mainly due to the low proportion of renewable energy, while the western region of China is rich in renewable energy and cheap, with natural green and low-carbon endowment. Increasing the tilt of the data center layout in the western region will help to reduce the energy consumption level of the data center.

At present, Mobile Cloud has completed the full coverage layout of resource pool nodes in Ningxia, Qinghai, Xizang, Xinjiang and other western regions. In addition, it is constantly expanding the storage business of nodes such as Guiyang and Hohhot, realizing the "storage of data in the east and the west", further reducing the operating cost of the data center by absorbing green energy nearby, and embedding the "double carbon" gene with green computing for economic and social development.

Nowadays, it is no longer a hot topic on paper to help the green transformation of society through digital technology. From the above point of view, under the theme of carbon neutrality, cloud computing plays an irreplaceable role. With the breakthrough of technology, it is believed that cloud computing will also play a greater potential on the road of green, low-carbon and sustainable development in various industries.

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