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Lenovo's new ThinkCentre M90a Pro all-in-one comes out: 13th generation core + 27-inch 2K screen

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Lenovo recently released the ThinkCentre M90a Pro Gen4 has been put on the shelves in 's third-party store, with a 27-inch 2K screen, i5-13500 version 8099 yuan, i7-13700 version 9999 yuan, RTX 4050 unique version is not yet on the shelves.

The parameters of finishing ThinkCentre M90a Pro all-in-one machine are as follows:

According to reports, Lenovo's new ThinkCentre M90a Pro ushered in a comprehensive upgrade from the inside to the outside. Compared with the previous generation, the new M90a Pro upgrades the screen from 23.5 inches to a 27-inch 2K resolution QHD display. The screen has a brightness of 350 nits, a display gamut of 99% sRGB, and a color calibration function rarely seen in the industry. In addition, the M90a Pro Gen4 can be equipped with a full-function base or a large elevation multi-function base to realize the arbitrary adjustment of pitching, lifting, rotation and other angles.

In terms of configuration, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90a Pro is equipped with Intel's 13th generation Kerry desktop processor, the highest optional core i9 processor, supports 64GB's DDR5 memory, and supports ICE6.0 intelligent temperature control engine with the first master "Xunying" adjustment, which ensures excellent performance while reducing heat generation and fan noise. The RTX 4050 standalone graphics card is available for up to 50% performance improvement.

In other aspects, the new Lightning 4 interface of ThinkCentre M90a Pro supports fast file sharing at speeds of up to 40Gbps; built-in AI intelligent noise reduction, deep neural network technology can be used to effectively filter near-and far-end noise, with Harman Catton speakers and a 5-megapixel camera for a clear online meeting experience.

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