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As a result of a technical error, Ubisoft said it had fixed the problem of full-screen advertising in the game "Assassin's Creed".

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 25, in a recent interview with foreign technology media The Verge, Ubisoft spokesman Fabien Darrigues admitted that some players will jump out of full-screen promotional ads after trying to open the in-game menu when playing certain "Assassin Creed" games.

"after our investigation, we found that it was caused by a technical error, which was repaired immediately after receiving feedback from players," Darigos said in an interview.

Ubisoft said that for players who are keen to play the Assassin Creed series, it hopes to display promotional content in the game's main menu and guide players to explore the big IP of the Assassin Creed more deeply. The video attached to is as follows:

Ubisoft said the promotion appeared in the in-game menu due to a technical glitch. Ubisoft also said it will provide players with the best possible game experience, and officials are investigating the cause of the technical glitch, hoping to get players' understanding.

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