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It is reported that Intel Arrow Lake core display adopts Xe-LPG + architecture and supports AI engine XMX.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25, according to Coelacanth Dream, Intel plans to adopt Xe-LPG Plus architecture for core display and add Xe Matrix extension (XMX) AI engine support from the launch of the Xe processor next year.

Intel has previously confirmed that Meteor Lake's Core 100Ultra series will be based on the unique Xe-HPG Alchemist and will use the Xe-LPG architecture.

Xe-LPG represents the company's second-generation low-power Xe architecture, which is further enhanced for games, making it closer to the Xe-HPG micro-architecture for stand-alone GPU.

Meteor Lake is specifically targeted at mobile, while its successor, Arrow Lake, will expand its coverage to all consumer groups. According to the Intel IGC patch, Arrow Lake will adopt the Xe-LPG Plus architecture and clearly mark it as a check.

Intel plans to add XMX extension support for Arrow Lake processors and Xe-LPG Plus GPU. Note: the XMX extension is designed for matrix multiplication in FP64, FP32, FP16, and bfloat16 formats, which is critical in many AI algorithms, including neural networks.

By extending XMX to consumer-grade CPU, Intel can further popularize the technology and allow more PC to use AI to accomplish various tasks.

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