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Meizu 21 mobile phone is equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint 2.0, and the fastest unlocking speed is 0.075s.

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Thank you to for your lead delivery! November 25 news, Meizu 21 warm up again, official propaganda equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint 2.0, unlocking speed 0.075s, claiming "sound speed> light speed," meaning ultrasonic fingerprint unlock> optical fingerprint unlock.

As we all know, the principle of optical fingerprints is to use the refraction and reflection of light, low cost but relatively slow speed. Ultrasonic fingerprint acquisition of three-dimensional information, unlocking speed, accurate identification, but the cost is relatively high.

Meizu 21 ultrasonic fingerprint unlock support wet dirty hands unlock, authentication tempered film. summarizes warm-up messages:

Meizu 21 built-in 4800mAh battery, up to 8.2 hours under 0-100% limit life model test; equipped with Samsung OLED straight screen, support 1920Hz high frequency dimming, SGS low blue light certification, no strobe certification, etc.; equipped with mEngine Ultra motor, volume up to 602mm ³, using mEngine Ultra full-link vibration sensing solution.

The first batch of aircraft equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 processor, claiming to have "exclusive" Meizu flavor "adjustment"; using intelligent thinking engine One Mind 10.5, to achieve "longer life, stronger performance, lower power consumption, faster operation"; With a narrow frame of 1.74mm, it is known as "challenging the world's narrowest lower frame" and achieving physical four-sided.

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