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How do you type the symbol "tick in the box" in the Excel table? I'll tell you in many ways!

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How to insert a "blank box" when using Excel tabulation? So that the person filling out the form can tick in the "blank box". Today, Mr. Wang will come to tell you how to do it in detail.

1, input box symbol box symbol input, in fact, very simple, we only need to use the input method to type out the word "box", and then, you can find a "□", or use the input method to enter "v1" to search inside.

2. How do I enter multiple boxes together in the ID number box? For example: ID card number, phone number, etc.? We can use the formula:

= REPT ("□", 18) followed by "18" is the number of symbols that appear, which can be set according to your own needs. It is best to leave a space behind the box. If you think the box is too small, you can increase the font size.

3. How to enter the ticking and ticking symbols in the box? We can enter "insert"-"symbol"-"symbol", and select "Wingdings 2" in the font, where we can find the ticks and crosses in the box and insert them directly.

We can also type R and S directly in the cell, and then change the font to "Wingdings 2", or we can get the ticks and crosses in the box.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Wang Qi

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