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LCD Dabing + standby 1.5 years: Mijia Intelligent temperature and humidity Meter 3 explores a new low of 40.9 yuan (49 yuan for the first launch)

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Xiaomi launched Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 in December last year, bringing a larger screen and longer battery life, using industrial-grade high-precision sensors, with an official listing price of 49 yuan.

During this promotion period, Jingdong's self-support dropped to 40.9 yuan:

Jingdong Mijia intelligent thermometer 3 Bluetooth intelligent linkage 40.9 yuan direct link At present, some areas show out of stock, small partners do not need to worry, official irregular replenishment ~

Delivery by Jingdong, and provide after-sales service. learned that Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 uses a 62.6*53.2mm large size LCD screen to present data in segment code display mode. Six functions can be displayed on one screen, including temperature, humidity, comfort, time, date and day of the week. The main display area displays temperature by default. Press the upper key on the right side to change the contents of the main display area according to actual needs. It supports three modes of temperature, humidity and time to switch cyclically.

Mijia intelligent thermometer built-in industrial-grade Swiss Sensirion high-precision digital temperature and humidity sensor, can sense 0.1°C temperature fluctuation and 1% RH humidity change, refresh temperature and humidity every 6 seconds, real-time sensing temperature and humidity change.

In terms of battery life, Mijia Thermometer 3 uses a CR2450 button battery, ultra-low power consumption design, a battery can last for 1.5 years.

In terms of intelligence, Mijia Smart Thermometer 3 can also be used with Bluetooth Mesh Gateway. It can be connected to Mijia App. When the set temperature is reached, it can automatically turn on or off the air conditioner, automatically turn on/off the electric heater or humidifier.

In addition, Mijia intelligent thermometer 3 comes with bracket/double-sided adhesive wall sticker, in addition to placing on the desktop, but also can stick to the bedroom, living room, bathroom and other walls.

Jingdong Mijia intelligent thermometer 3 Bluetooth intelligent linkage 40.9 yuan direct link

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