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Samsung announces plans for new product release: next year, it will launch an upgraded version of LPDDR5X memory chip and pluggable car SSD.

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, comprehensive financial agency, South Korea's "Daily economy" and other media reports, Samsung recently held an investor forum in the Hong Kong Special Administrative region of China, and announced a series of car regulation products timetable.

Reported that Samsung plans to launch an upgraded version of LPDDR5X memory chip next year, the memory chip capacity will cover 2GB-24GB, the highest speed 68GB/s, each channel bandwidth 8.5Gbps, using 561FBGA packaging form.

Also next year, Samsung will also launch a pluggable SSD solid-state drive with a capacity of 512GB-4TB and the highest speed 6.5GB/s.

By 2025, Samsung will launch the next generation of GDDR7 display memory chips, with the capacity 2GB-4GB, the highest speed 128GB/s, and the bandwidth 32Gbps per channel, which it claims will perfectly meet the commercial needs of L4-level self-driving.

In addition, Samsung also revealed that it will introduce the AI model into smartphones this time. The company has previously released an internally generated AI model called Gauss, which will be the basis for a large built-in model for the Galaxy S24 series of phones to be unveiled early next year.

According to previous reports from, Samsung has said that Gauss is only used to improve employee productivity for the time being and will be extended to various official App of Samsung in the future. Blogger @ Tech_Reve also revealed that Samsung Gauss's language model supports not only Korean, but also English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. In other words, domestic users are also expected to experience the Gaussian model in the follow-up.

In addition, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy AI early next year, bringing the end-side AI model to the new Galaxy flagship phone (expected to be the Galaxy S24 series). When the user makes a call, the audio and text translation will be displayed on the phone in real time.

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