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Carnegie Mellon University in the United States offers a "original God" research course: beat BOSS in 2 minutes.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25 (Xinhua)-- GameRant and other media reported on Friday that Carnegie Mellon University in the United States recently opened a course related to "original God" called "original God"-theoretical Research 101.

According to the report, many students agree with the school's move, believing that encouraging students' interest will help improve their enthusiasm for learning. The course is conducted once a week, and students can get three credits after they finish it.

According to a student who took the course, in the mid-term exam of this subject, students need to beat BOSS; with their own roles in 2 minutes. In the final exam, they also beat BOSS in 2 minutes, but the roles are not chosen by students, but chosen at random.

According to previous reports from, in the middle of this month, the intelligence platform of the Sensor Tower store released the ranking of revenue and downloads of Chinese mobile games in overseas markets in October. Miha Tour "collapse: star Dome Railway" benefited from the 1.4 version of "Winter Dream Awakening", overseas income rose 11% from the previous month, returning to the top of the overseas mobile game income list and growth list, while the original god's income was the third most stable.

In the full nomination list of TGA 2023 announced some time ago, Mihayou's "original God" was also nominated for the best operating game.

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