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Sources say that the Himalayas plan to cut jobs by about 30%, and that App will "mainly rely on AI" in the future.

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According to news on December 5, according to @ city boundary Pro, Himalaya plans to lay off employees across the board in the near future, with a proportion of about 30%. "the products are the most, the operation is the second, the technology is relatively less, and the rest of the products and technologies are merged, and the industry and research are integrated."

At the same time, Chen Xiaoyu, co-CEO of the Himalayas, said at the internal business meeting that the Himalayas would not use operations and products in the future, and that the future App would "mainly rely on AI".

According to the official website, Himalayas have stopped recruiting regular employees, and only interns are currently open for recruitment. previously reported that Himalayas filed for listing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 30, 2022. Data show that the average number of monthly active users in Himalayas reached 268 million in 2021, including the average number of monthly active users on 116 million mobile devices and 152 million monthly active users listening to audio content through the Internet of things and other open platforms.

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