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The upgraded little soybeans were rejected by netizens because they were not vivid enough.

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This article comes from the official account of Wechat: ID:paperji, author: Huali


One of the greatest language arts of the 21st century, a virtual audio picture, a new and practical modal particle.

(for example, it's hard not to use Ms. Xiong's meme to express such a tone.) although people surfing should have developed a very handy and personal set of custom emojis in their inventory over the years, they have even iterated several sets.

(the emoji of fried chicken nuggets should also be the tears of the times.) but there are still many netizens who will use the most primitive emoji package that comes with that social platform-Xiaodou!

Some friends may remember that the little soybeans are the standard props for elders to greet themselves or to be polite with older leaders and teachers, or to exchange good products with classmates and friends (but they actually have their own emojis, for example, I don't know whose child beeps or kittens and puppies act cute, etc.).

But for netizens who like to use small soybeans, this is the only choice to be cheap with relatives and friends or to go out on the Internet!

(~ cheap suitable for small soybeans preferred ~ feat. (the old version before the update on the temporary computer) the classic ugly, earthy and cheap design has been creepy since the pixel age, and is popular with QQ high-speed surfers for its just-right cheapness. Although the previous version of the Antarctic penguin has made a lot of efforts to change this impression, adding a "super expression" that will move itself, and adding a few new trendy hot stalks, he is very worried that people will not use it.

(but to be honest, it's still a little behind, a bit like the middle-aged man who is afraid of being unable to keep up with young people but tries to slow down the Internet.) of course, these "trendy" changes have nothing to do with computer QQ users. After all, in order to reflect the pleasure of opening red envelopes, their family can only receive red envelopes on their mobile phones.

Recently, the insidious and cunning Antarctic penguins secretly upgraded their official little soybean emojis as a whole!

Of course, this upgrade is the same as usual, and it has nothing to do with computer users.

It doesn't matter whether the user has upgraded the version of the App ontology of the phone, when everyone finds out, little soybeans have changed.

To be exact, it's getting greasy.

Have little soybeans become cute?

Uh. There seems to be, but not much.

Become round, a little more three-dimensional, with a hint of mystery on his face.

It seems to be optimized, but the actual use experience is not strong, so that since the update, the content of small soybeans in groups chatting with Qzone has dropped significantly, and netizens have fled back to their own custom memes comfort zone.

(even the little ghost has not been spared in 3D.) cheap is still very cheap, but its direction seems to be different from that in the past. If the new version of little soybeans is used to be cheap with relatives and friends, it seems that it will be more or less ambiguous because of that trace of "loveliness".

In one of the most extreme scenes, when you're ready to have a weird fight with a netizen who doesn't deal with you, you use a red cheek that seems to have a touch of flattering and expectant classic "smile" soybeans.

Or maybe the ruddy and joyful face is like the "grinning" soybeans that the leader will show when he jokes with you in the wine bureau.

The atmosphere seems to be more like something weirder than the gunpowder odor of yin and yang.

Everyone is also very dissatisfied with the new generation of little soybeans, and some people vividly use analogies in order to explain what is strange about the new little soybeans.

The Internet assigned a task to the first examinee to rush out of the examination room next year's college entrance examination: shouting QQ to change the little soybeans back to the old version.

(like this predecessor, come on) in fact, before the upgrade of QQ Little Soybean, another popular Little Soybean caused a small impact last month.

Emoji generator, but the function is more abstract (now you can still search emoji kitchen directly and generate some abstract things by yourself).

(a little demonstration)

(shocked by the random emoji) very interesting emoji kitchen! Love comes from small soybean users!

But such an abstract and highly customized emoji generator is not as popular as its creator thought (it's fun to play), and the generated emoji doesn't become widely practical after everyone has played it.

But it's not hard to guess why.

Your emoji as a convenient "little soybean", generate a good emoji to copy out such a large piece, but also need to import into the custom meme to use, too chicken rib!

(it even came out to see a png with a black background. Whether in terms of practicality or generality and convenience, native emoji is better than pre-upgrade QQ small soybeans.

However, due to the comprehensive three-dimensional and sprouting of QQ Xiaodou without notice, it is still the top card in the hearts of emoji users for the time being.

Do not know when QQ conscience, again small soybean iteration, we actually do not mind a reverse upgrade …...

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