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Make three-dimensional PPT chart

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Hello, everyone. I'm Ann.

Let's continue to learn three-dimensional charts today. The last issue was three-dimensional column charts. This time, let's learn something else:

If you are interested in the chart, you might as well turn on the computer and practice together.

01. Ordinary three-dimensional circle this page has only one chart plus a very small amount of content:

If you only use a flat circle chart, then the whole page will look very empty, so we can try to use a three-dimensional chart, which will be better than a flat ring chart.

First, insert a donut chart:

Next, right-click, edit the data:

Then select the ring, adjust the starting angle of the first sector to 180 °, and adjust the ring size of the ring chart to 50%:

Select the donut chart, cut and paste selectively as an enhanced metafile:

Note: before copying, do not set gradients, shadows and picture filling effects to the chart, otherwise after selective paste, uncombining can not get the shape, can only get the picture.

Then leave only three rings, and after the combination, adjust the 3D format and 3D rotation (the following image shows an uncombined state):

Insert a regular circle, adjust the 3D rotation to match the chart, and use it as the base of the chart to further enrich the visual hierarchy:

Finally, add the title and other text content, simply typesetting neatly:

The first chart is finished, and then look at the circle diagram in another way.

02. The page chart of the progressive three-dimensional circle is very different from the previous chart, but it can be made only by three-dimensional rotation, but the effect will be less meaningful.

First, insert the donut chart and edit the data:

Select the torus, adjust the starting angle of the first sector, and the size of the torus:

Next, select the donut, cut and paste as an enhanced metafile:

Select the shape, adjust the material and light source in 3D rotation and 3D format.

And copy a circle chart down, and adjust the color of the circle chart above to the dark color of the same color system:

Then, move the blue ring down, select iSlide plug-in-tween, select the ring with the same color, and tween:

Then select the top shape, adjust the color to the bottom color, or you can set a gradient color:

According to the above idea, make the three-dimensional circular diagram on the right side of the following picture, and other text content is neatly typeset, this kind of page will have a kill effect in the workplace:

Next, we learn the last chart, which is a broken-line three-dimensional chart.

03. In addition to the three-dimensional effect set in the main part of this chart, other elements such as axes are also set in a three-dimensional format, which looks very creative:

First, insert a combination of a line chart and an area chart:

Next, edit the data, and here we only use a line chart to present it (all in the same way):

Then, check the line of the broken line graph as the smooth line:

Next, paste the chart as an enhanced metafile:

Then pull up the area map, first select the area map, and then select the broken line graph, Boolean operation-split:

Then adjust the 3D format and 3D rotation of the area map:

The broken-line three-dimensional chart is done. The next step is to build the coordinate axis of the chart with lines (set the angle of the lines according to the tilt angle of the depth of the area map):

Then, refine the axis data:

Finally, simply typeset with the title and text:

The above is the 3-page chart tutorial shared today. I hope it will be helpful to all of you.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: self-discipline Rhythm (ID:yinlvPPT), by an Ayn

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