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The Central Radio and Television Station establishes the working mechanism of the National Emergency Broadcasting Center and upgrades the platform-wide communication capacity of early warning and science popularization.

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Thanks to netizen Satomi Ishihara for happy clue delivery! November 25 news, According to CCTV news report, November 24, Central Radio and Television Station National Emergency Broadcasting Center working mechanism officially unveiled, At the same time launched the national security open class all-media action.

▲ Source CCTV News Under this new mechanism, the Central Radio and Television Station will "upgrade" the communication capacity of the whole platform such as early warning information, emergency news and emergency science popularization, further improve the speed and accuracy of emergency information dissemination, provide more efficient and practical emergency information public services for the public, and help promote the modernization of emergency management system and capability.

Shen Haixiong, director of the Central Radio and Television Station, said that the station will establish a rich three-dimensional all-media emergency communication system with "5G+4K /8K +AI" scientific and technological innovation; gather forces from all walks of life to jointly build an intelligent emergency communication platform; and promote the widespread popularization of safety knowledge through the linkage of large and small screens.

According to the working mechanism of the new National Emergency Broadcasting Center, the Central Station and Emergency Management Department will coordinate and dispatch emergency forces from all walks of life to create a new emergency communication matrix with central-local linkage, participation of all parties and sharing by the whole people. Note: According to introduction, nearly 50 new media accounts of emergency system have been settled in CCTV news client.

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