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Lingke car after-sales service brand "Yue" has been officially released, providing 7-hour 24-hour emergency assistance service.

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Shulou( Report-- November 26 news, in the just concluded Co guest conference, Lectra based on a new upgraded service system, officially launched the after-sales service brand-Yue. attached service content:

Make services more transparent with multi-dimensional presentation

Vehicle health, software upgrade, hardware replacement can be traced back to the digitization of the whole life cycle, tracing back to every vehicle scene.

Service content, service price, service progress, service track, Lectra App can easily grasp the whole service process.

Make service more efficient with digital support

Based on Mads system, the vehicle condition prediction and remote diagnosis are realized. When the vehicle is abnormal, the travel partner takes the initiative to care for the user.

According to intelligent diagnostic information, make maintenance plan or push OTA upgrade package in advance.

Build a global supply chain system, including ten top global parts suppliers, including Bosch, Shell and Bogwarner, and seven cloud warehousing and logistics networks, radiate national distributors and effectively shorten the waiting time for parts delivery.

Provide 24-hour emergency assistance service to ensure contact with users within 10 seconds, provide first aid instructions, assist in dialing 120, assist in reporting the case, etc.

Make access smoother with directly connected services

Apply online digital platform and offline dealer contacts to create a three-dimensional service direct connection system

Users' voice goes directly to the highest level of the brand, creating a platform for two-way communication between users and the brand.

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