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Some cities have raised the service charge for public charging piles, and some charging enterprises have raised the service charge by 50%.

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Shulou( Report-- reported on November 26 that new energy vehicles are favored by more and more consumers because of their energy conservation, environmental protection and low operating costs. Recently, however, owners of new energy vehicles in some cities have found that they charge much more than before when charging public charging piles. According to CCTV's financial report, some charging companies began to adjust their service charges in the second half of the year, and some even increased by 50%.

In response, some charging pile operators explained that this is because they invested a lot of money in the construction of charging pile facilities in order to expand their market share and adopted a low-price strategy to attract users at the same time. However, with the increase in the utilization rate and maintenance cost of charging piles, they have to increase service charges to ease the pressure on operation.

According to, the charging fee for public charging piles consists of two parts: electricity price and service fee. Electricity price is formed by the market. Charging pile operators are not allowed to increase charges. Prices vary in different seasons and daily frequency segments, and service fees are determined by each charging pile operator according to market conditions.

However, the survey found that the increase in charging costs for new energy vehicles only occurred in some cities, and the charging costs in most cities nationwide belong to a stable range.

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