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Using magnets to absorb the bottom of the car, Shenzhen Bay Customs seized 1080 memory strips and 2850 solid-state hard drives: the case value is about 1 million yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7, according to official news released by the Customs, recently, Shenzhen Bay Customs seized a case of smuggling memory strips, solid state drives and other electronic products in an empty car in a freight import channel, with an initial estimated value of about 1 million yuan.

An empty freight car entered the country through Shenzhen Bay Port. During the machine inspection, the customs officer found that the image of the machine inspection was abnormal, and the structure of the bottom of the carriage was different from that of ordinary vehicles, so it was immediately inspected. At the suspected location, a batch of goods were found to be bound with black plastic seals and magnets to absorb the bottom of the carriage. A total of 1080 memory bars and 2850 solid-state hard drives were seized.

Some netizens jokingly called this "modern version of core suction" and "Magneto King". with Customs reminder:

According to Article 7 of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the implementation of Customs Administrative penalties, to evade customs supervision by concealment, camouflage, concealment, false report or other means, whoever transports, carries or posts goods or articles prohibited or restricted by the state or goods and articles subject to duty according to law is an act of smuggling and will be investigated for legal responsibility.

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