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Nanjing issues the second round of automobile consumption subsidy, and the maximum one-time subsidy for new energy vehicles is 5000 yuan per vehicle.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 26, learned from "Nanjing release" official account that Nanjing will issue a second round of auto consumption subsidies in 2023.

Starting from November 28, 2023, wholesale and retail units engaged in automobile new car retail business in Nanjing will purchase new non-operating vehicles with less than 7 seats (excluding second-hand cars) and complete the registration of individual consumers, not limited to the licensing area. The total amount of subsidy shall be controlled on a first-come-first-served basis in accordance with the order in which the subsidy is passed. If no application is submitted within the time limit, it shall be deemed to have given up the qualification to apply for the subsidy. After going through all the examination and approval process, the applicant will subsidize it according to the type and price of the car purchased (excluding the tax price on the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales). Under 200000 yuan, fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles are given an one-time subsidy at 1000 yuan per vehicle; above 200000 yuan (inclusive), fuel vehicles are given an one-time subsidy at 4000 yuan per vehicle; and new energy vehicles are given an one-time subsidy at 5000 yuan per vehicle. attached requirements related to car purchase subsidy:

(1) reporting requirements for subsidized vehicles

1. The non-operating passenger vehicles (excluding second-hand cars) purchased by automobile retail enterprises above the quota in Nanjing with less than 7 seats (including) have completed the licensing and vehicle registration procedures.

two。 The date of signing the car purchase contract, the date of the car purchase deposit certificate and the date of the car purchase invoice are all after November 28, 2023 (inclusive), and the date of the car purchase invoice is not earlier than the date of the signing of the car purchase contract and the date of the car purchase deposit certificate. The vehicle price shall be subject to the tax-free price of the "uniform invoice for Motor vehicle sales" issued by the automobile sales organization.

3. The applicant, the purchaser, the vehicle owner, the unified invoice for the sale of motor vehicles, the vehicle driving license and the bank account name must all belong to the same person.

(2) Application materials to be submitted

The subsidy application must be initiated by an individual user. The applicant will enter the activity page by scanning the activity QR code (announced through the "Nanjing consumption release" official account on November 27) and submit the following information:

1. The name and valid identity document of the applicant.

two。 The mobile phone number owned by the applicant that can receive text messages normally.

3. Can clearly see the transaction date, the transaction store and the transaction amount of the car purchase deposit certificate. Including POS receipt, bank transfer voucher, deposit contract with official seal of automobile sales enterprise, screenshot of deposit payment page with order number or other deposit vouchers with legal effect, handwritten receipt deposit voucher is not within the scope of this subsidy declaration.

4. The car purchase contract and the "uniform invoice for motor vehicle sales" obtained when buying a new car.

5. Registration of the new car license plate number, driving license, front and back photos of the vehicle.

6. The bank savings card held by the applicant (overseas Chinese, residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners are required to open an account in Chinese mainland).

(3) matters needing attention in declaration

1. Applicants should upload materials in strict accordance with the standards and requirements, and carefully check to ensure the accuracy of the information, so as to avoid failing to pass the audit or subsidy funds due to problems such as format, card number error or blurred image.

two。 The applicant shall be responsible for the integrity and authenticity of the application materials. Those who fail to provide complete and effective materials will not be able to obtain subsidy funds; those who provide false information, maliciously apply for subsidies or fraudulently obtain subsidies will be investigated for responsibility according to law.

3. Valid identity documents refer to valid documents such as identity cards, permits for Hong Kong and Macao residents to travel to and from the mainland, permits for Taiwan residents to travel to and from the mainland, residence permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, and passports for foreigners.

4. During the subsidy period, each applicant can only enjoy the subsidy of one time and one car.

5. Applicants do not have to pay any fees for subsidy application business. Automobile sales enterprises shall accurately introduce to consumers the application of the vehicles sold to these detailed rules, and those who mislead and deceive consumers or maliciously collude to obtain subsidies will be investigated for responsibility in accordance with the law and proposed to be included in the integrity blacklist.

6. To the extent permitted by law, the organizer has the right to amend the terms and conditions, suspend or cancel the event. The participation of automobile sales enterprises and consumers in this activity is deemed to understand and agree to the rules of the activity.

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