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Tesla update will add front camera cleaning button to prepare for Cybertruck delivery.

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According to news from on November 26, Tesla will soon add functions such as the front camera cleaning button in his next software update.

GreenTheOnly, a code scout and loyal fan of Tesla, found that the 2023.44.1 update will bring some new features to Tesla's vehicle, including a front camera cleaning button, a Shaka media player, and the ability to adjust playback speed in Apple Podcasts.

Tesla Cybertruck will be delivered next week, and the electric pickup is expected to be equipped with a front-facing camera. There are still some doubts about whether the new Model 3 will be equipped with a front-facing camera. Because the photos of the car that Tesla initially shared on his website showed this function, but the first batch of vehicles did not have the camera, and Tesla has removed the camera from all official images.

Here are all the features that Green said will appear on Tesla's vehicles in the next update:

Front camera cleaning and activation button

Shaka Media player

Playback speed of Apple Podcasts 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x

New IIHS seatbelt reminder mode with higher tone and frequency

Cockpit cameras can be used to enable or disable HOV lane use (additional cockpit camera permissions are required)

Added most likely path navigation mode

New low voltage battery option

It is reported that the 2023.44.1 version of the software update first appeared on some vehicles on Friday and is gradually being rolled out to more vehicles, but no instructions have been released as of 's press time.

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