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From game reporter to creative director: the dream life of a superhero fan

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"as a director, I need to learn to trust professionals in all fields, help them clear obstacles and get them to work with confidence."

Brian Bryan Intihar has loved superheroes since he was a child. As the creative director of the action game "Marvel Spider-Man 2," he used to cling to Spider-Man toys in his childhood and didn't even let go of the paint. Today, Intihar's home in California is filled with Spider-Man art and retains a selfie with oversized hulk gloves.

Intihar has been living in a dream since 2014. Marvel Spider-Man (released in Marvel's Spider-Man,2018 year) is his first production as director and the best-selling superhero game of all time. In 2020, the derivative Spider-Man: miles Morales (Marvel's Spider-Man:Miles Morales) also received rave reviews. Players enjoy both Spider-Man's iconic sense of humor and the pleasure of using cobwebs to climb the walls on the streets of Manhattan.

Brian Intihar, creative director of Marvel Spider-Man 2, but Intihar and California studio Insomniac Games have higher expectations for Marvel Spider-Man 2. In this sequel, players can play the two main characters, Parker and Morales, while adding classic villain venom. "We will show something that has never been seen in this series to bring a truly epic experience. For example, at the beginning of the game, players have to fight the sand people the size of skyscrapers." "there has been a significant improvement in quality standards, both technically and otherwise," Intihar said. "

Marvel Spider-Man 2 adds a series of classic villain venom. Intihar worked as a game reporter and dealt with the studio before joining Insomoniac. It was another job he dreamed of in his childhood. Although he has been fond of playing games, shopping in computer halls and practicing the character termination skills of "Live Quick play 2" in front of his parents since childhood, it is still a distant fantasy for him to enter the game industry. He studied psychology at the University of Connecticut and planned to become a clinical psychologist, but in his last semester, he found internships at GameStop and Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine to start his writing career.

While working for the media in Intihar, he was impressed by Insomniac's passionate work culture and the friendliness of studio founder Ted Price. Intihar saw Price as a role model and was encouraged to join Insomaniac as a community manager, building and maintaining a player community for the Ricky and Tinker Bell resistance series, and participating in game production from the shooter game Fuse. During the development of Fuse, Intihar, who was tasked with managing the progress and needs of screenwriters, designers and creative directors, "felt thrown into the fire" but admitted that the experience was helpful to him.

"I especially enjoyed the first year of developing Fuse, because during that time I really learned how games are made." Over time, he got more opportunities to show creativity in games such as Sunset override, and was ready to play a more important role.

When Sony communicated with Insomniac about the possibility of making a Marvel IP adaptation game, Intihar saw an opportunity. He loved the way Rocksteady expanded the DC comic universe by developing the Batman series, and dreamed of doing the same for Marvel, so he went straight into Price's office. "I remember Ted said he didn't need a producer for the time being, but I told him that I didn't want to be a producer, but I wanted to be a creative director. I had never been so confident before."

During the development of Marvel Spider-Man, Intihar encountered a series of challenges. "the first few years as creative director were not fun at all." Intihar admitted that he had been plagued by "fake substitution syndrome" in the past. " My idea is, does this former journalist really think he is making a video game? I have to prove myself to everyone that I know everything and can answer any question. It was so wrong that other colleagues told me that I had to trust them. About halfway through the project, I learned to let them do their own thing. "

During the development of Marvel Spider-Man, Intihar completed his transformation from game journalist to game maker. Today, trust and cooperation are the two values that Intihar values most. Whenever outsiders talk about his achievements or ask why Marvel Spider-Man is successful, Intihar always praises dozens of his colleagues and often apologizes for forgetting someone. "in retrospect, it's a good thing that the first year or two of the project was full of ups and downs, and I learned a lot from that experience."

Yuri Lowenthal, who voiced Peter Parker, admires Intihar's attitude. "working with him taught me to trust the process and trust the director." Lowenthal also suffers from impostor syndrome and sometimes worries that he is not good enough to play Spider-Man. "sometimes I struggle with my performance, but if the director is satisfied, I will let it go. Brian often helps me ease that feeling, which is good for my brain and soul."

"as a director, I need to learn to trust professionals in all fields, help them clear obstacles and get them to work with confidence." Intihar laughed. "if they do a great job, I have to tell them!"

Intihar often does this. For example, at the end of a manhunt, he ran frantically around the stage and praises a scene in a video conference call. " Maybe not everyone likes to show off like me, but this is my character. It's so hard to develop games that sometimes you feel like your head hits the wall again and again. So when you finally make a breakthrough, you should celebrate the victory. 90% of game development is very difficult, but the remaining 10% often bring a great sense of achievement and help you through difficult times. "

Optimism is an important factor in game development. Like the original Marvel Spider-Man, Marvel Spider-Man 2 received wide acclaim after its release. In this ambitious sequel, the two protagonists need to balance the identity of vigilantes and ordinary people, and face the challenges of life while guarding New York. Instead of wearing the iconic red suit, Parker wore a black symbiotic suit that gave him powerful abilities, but could also lead him astray, distorting ideas and relationships while providing new abilities.

Intihar admits that Marvel Spider-Man 2 tells a darker story. In addition, the game takes advantage of Peter Parker's relationship with symbiotes to explore the theme of addiction. "this is no longer the lovely Peter Parker we like, and sometimes it can be very rude." In his view, the test and expansion of the relationship between Peter and Miles in Marvel Spider-Man 2 is also one of the best parts of the game. " We want players to realize all kinds of fantasies about Spider-Man from the beginning, but it's also important to tell a story that is full of human feelings and resonates. When you urge players to care about something outside the mask, they will establish a closer emotional relationship with Peter and Miles. "

At the same time, Marvel Spider-Man 2 did not lose the goodwill and sense of humor of the original work. "We won't change what people like in the first game, but add web wing gliding, new combat capabilities and dodging to the previous one, and find ways to improve them."

Tihar is proud of the fact that Marvel Spider-Man 2 allows players to manipulate Miles and Parker and switch freely between them. "it's very difficult to write a game with two protagonists, because in the game world, you need to tell both the stories of the two characters and the stories of them together."

Today, players are increasingly demanding 3A masterpieces, and the development team needs to be prepared for it. Tihar is enthusiastic about showcasing the achievements of the Marvel Spider-Man 2 team, but he admits that players have high expectations for 3A masterpieces. Intihar mentioned Sony's animated film series Spider-Man: parallel Universe, which has been a huge box office success with stylized visual effects and touching stories. "I want my game to be that successful, too, or I'll feel like I haven't finished the job."

Like Spider-Man: parallel Universe, Marvel Spider-Man 2 will attract millions of players around the world. But Intihar stressed that it was also a work in which he fulfilled his childhood dream. "I'm making this game for the boy who likes Hulk muscles and has Spider-Man toys."... I've never lost my love for superheroes. "

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